Friday, December 01, 2006

Beggars Can't Be Choosers Part 1: We Were Pool Players First

**I'm writing this as a very subjective pool player verging dangerously in between waaay-too-pissed-to-even-fake-flattery and too-headstrong-to-practice-eloquence.

Ronnie Alcano won the world pool championship early this November 2006. One commentator mentioned that the Philippines was the Pool Capital of Asia.It was never that publicized. An accomplishment of global proportions wasn't that publicized. I mean, compared to this one Filipino dude who outpunched this other Mexican loser (one for team spirit), Ronnie Alcano's victory shrivelled like a nutsack in December.

Manny Pacquiao defeated Erik Morales two weeks following Alcano's world title in a humiliating match that sealed Morales' fate easy on the third round. This, in turn, released a floodgate of incoming endorsements and unnecessary worship which included plans for his very own statue to stand along Baywalk.

And much like a certain testicular abnormality, it's just as unequal.

I, for one, am not looking forward to it, but he will have his own monument real soon.

It is excessive. And I guess that's the nearest we can get to being true to form. See, an over-the-top display like this relieves us of the practicality that a country as poor as ours should be practicing.

Manny Pacquiao was awarded the Order of Lakandula (Champion for Life) July 2006. The legendary Efren "Bata" Reyes followed suit October of 2006. True, both champions share the same honor, but the Magician is just recently basking in the fields of glory which has been Pacman's teritorry four months earlier.

Funny thing is that he was championing the Philippine flag waaaay before Pacquiao started trying his first mouthpiece on.

What's up with that?


  1. Ha ha ha! I can see where you're coming from. Honestly, I prefer pool myself. It's a more civilized sport - if done properly. Until this bull headed redneck getting really pissed on large amounts of alchohol snap his pool stick (I don't know whatsisname) and give another drunk punter a rough tumble. But you only see this in Hollywood and not in Pro Pool, I guess.

    And I have to say a woman in skimp denim who can hold her stick (again, I don't know what it's called) really properly is a picture of absolute hotness. No amount of boxing or fervent patriotic spirit could ever replace that.

    I have a funny feeling that politicians are just too keen to ride the bandwagon. Manny Pacquiao is just an opium for the masses. It deadens hunger and hopelessness. Give the massess what they want - a statue, a parade of their hero, show them what they can be if they are docile enough to train and be a boxer, the country doesn't need any more of them intellectuals and shit, give them anything but a piece of brain to keep them happy.

    A happy citizen will not challenge the status quo. Certainly not a boxer with a tummy full of cream.

  2. I can't agree more. This guy's exposure is just too much! Isnt the millions of dollars he earned enough? Stop pumping his ego! Praise him for his win, but dont completely turn your attention to an over rated boxer! and that statue idea? WTF?! Dont we have any better,not to mention REAL heroes to immortalize?

  3. meanwhile, it's a protest against 'em nutsacks shrinkin on cold December morn...keep them plump o.k.?


  4. Still dreaming of a Pinoy with a gold around his brown neck in Beijing...'til then my pom-poms stays under my pillow.

    BTW, Manny who???

  5. had the same sentimiento as yours. visit my blog :-) miss yah momel gurlash!

  6. I agree with you guys... this things about the so called "Pambansang Kamao" is simply too much.

    But hey, if there is something i like whenever the pac man fights is the fact even for a second, filipino seems to be united in one goal. (Correct me if i am wrong with this assumption)

    plus, traffic here in metro manila is so gorgeously open. lolz

    Seriously, maybe its true Manny Pacquiao has been receiving too many premature immortalization, that can be really disturbing. Especially now that Election is within the air.

  7. There's the phrase I was looking for all along @ Howling

    Civilized sport. And, for future reference, that's called a cue stick.

    And I'm not touching any more of Pacquiao with a ten foot stick. Be it a dipstick or a cue stick or what have you.


    Yeah @ Jigs

    Real heroes. I love the thought, but, then again, who are we going to immortalize?

    Ha haa @ Bry

    It's a matter of choosing who to root for. My pompoms, however, go to Mang Efren and for his unyielding campaign.

  8. And once again... @ Pearlie

    The butterfly has landed.

    I miss yah!


    I agree @ Khalel

    Aside from outpunching the Mexican guy, Pacquiao did have his merits outside of the boxing ring.

    Funny you should mention politics.

    Cheers all!

  9. a friend of mine theorized that the reason why pinoys are good at "bilyar" & boxing is because they get a lot of training on the streets during childhood. haha!

    i find your articles witty and deliciously evil. (wink).

    hope you don't mind if i visit your page when i find the need to be entertained.

    - nat

  10. Oh yes! It's a cue stick. Thank heavens, for internet and of course you Momel.


  11. oh, the pacquiao thing. hay nako, imbyerna talaga. iba talaga pag nahahype. harampf.

  12. Devilicious5:46 AM

    Merry Xmas! Buhay pako..

    Ewan ko ba.. nwawala ako sa circulation lately.. hehehe..

    Kayod marino..lam mo na..

    missed you so...

    mwah! mwah! mwah!

  13. Oh hello! @ Nat

    Feel free!


    He hee @ Howling

    There you go!

    Oh! @ IE

    Did you just say imbiyerna? Ha haa, so you are pissed.

    Mabuti naman! @ Lexan

    And yourself?


    It's all in good health! @ Devilish

    And how have you been doing na? I miss you so much!

    Cheers all of you!



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