Thursday, September 21, 2006

Online Relationships

Isn't it funny how you can be so grossly uninterested after meeting, for the first time, the most recent love of your life?

You had butterflies in your stomach an hour ago, before you two actually met, but you're so pumping your guts out through your mouth after meeting him or her. Much like that medical procedure where they pump the analgesics off of your stomach after your most recent drug overdose.

But to give it some credit, at least, with these kinds of relationships, you know you're current fling slash prospective soulmate in the works is a SUN subscriber. You couldn't have made that any clearer when you mentioned you're looking for a GF or a BF na "naka-sun SIM."

At least, there's one thing in common.

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  1. haha guilty. --> ira

    bakit sun? what's with sun?

  2. ha haa! @ ira

    SUN kasi it's on top of my head. No significance, just a random provider.


  3. I can totally relate! ayiiee!

    You're so into this person then when you get to meet him in person, boring pala sya. hahaha

    Magkaiba pa kami ng service provider kaya lugi pa ako! hehe

  4. kung hindi ukol, hindi bubukol :) subok ulit ng bago

  5. There was this one time, not in bandcamp, I met and corresponded with this guy for over a year. We did it online and over the phone, and we might have confessed to having a little more than what we bargained for. Which was just nothing more than someone to bullshit with online.

    Things got almost messy. But we're still friends.

    Cheers ladies!


  6. I got this very hyperbolized image that he/she-whatever literally pumped something really toxic/intoxicating in your mouth or whichever orifice that made you sick... You can gargle if it left a bad taste in your mouth, or enema if it's somewhere else. Very messy indeed.

  7. an eb mishap?

    very giggly indeed!

  8. hyperbolized, orifice, enema @howling

    I like your choice of words.

    nah @ bry

    It wasn't anything personal at all. It was a common observation.

    Cheers guys!

    Thanks for dropping by!


  9. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I'm definitely guilty with this one.

    What happened to me before actually taught me a lesson.

    That is to never expect too much.

    And, online relationships doesn't work at all. Haha! We all the know the internet is full of lies.

    ... but there are some good ones out there. :)

  10. I cant really relate that much. My love life is basically nonexistent! Even an online one! LOL!

  11. grabe. hyperbolized. enema. @-) hehe!!

    anyway, can't relate into this one. boog. :)) bobo lang siguro ako - or maybe i'm just over with my girlfriend.


  12. hi mel... thanks for sticking my blog in yours.. bit like show me yours and i'll show you mine thing.. so i got yours stuck on mine as well. i like it. i think it's lovely. thanks again. cheers.

  13. Naku I've been burned by this just recently. It's all good. I'm taking all of it like a man, a gay man that is. hahahaha



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