Wednesday, September 06, 2006

When Was The Last Time the World Rotated Around You?

See, I don't think it actually did. It never did. Your personal understanding of the world and its axis never involved you in the equation. It's just your ego that caused this. It's just you thinking you're all high and mighty impressionable with whatever claim to fame you think you have to your credit. Spare me, spare us, we really don't care. And we mean it. We really don't.

You have got to stop believing that you cause people to stop with their mouth agape and look at you or whatever you think is physically pretty about you. See, there is always bound to be somebody who's going to make you feel ten times uglier than you never you thought you actually were. Believe me, there always is, and that's already assuming that you actually are pretty by other people's standards. Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder, and if you wish to be beheld as somebody visually desirable, then leave room for more than one beholder. If you wish to put your money where your assumptions are, then you need to subject yourself to other people's judgment, other people being the operative phrase.

There is always another person that's better paid than you are, so stop flashing your promotion around like you got there first. It's not like you're the only sheriff in town, you see, and there's always a shinier badge. You may or may not deserve the promotion, but we're sure we don't deserve to be suffocated by all this power tripping.

You hang out with a goodlooking crowd of the hippest people available in your area. People then identify you as one of the hippest people available in your area. That's cool by association, and, honestly, there's really no cool associated with this ecosystem. You get to have their cool transferred to you by virtue of your being a social parasite, and then you start forgetting that you can't be cool on your own. Parasitism. That's what it is. No, really.

The fake accent doesn't amaze us one bit. Well guess what Joe, or Jack, or Johnson, or whatever your American name is, there's just about a thousand other Joes or Jacks or Johnsons out there. And they're getting better paid than you are. And their accent's a whole heaven of believable. So shush your posing; manong jeepney driver's shitting in his pants as he's trying to find out how to make sukli your twey-neeh pey-sows.

No, you are not cool. You are never going to be the judge of that. Forget what you might have read about the shit behind self-empowerment. That tends to confuse you, and if any of this reaches you and causes echoes in your made up ivory tower, then you were confused big time. The only reason why any of this should strike a nerve is if this post mentioned any of your stinking idiosyncrasies. Well whoop-de-freaking-do, I'm not apologizing for your delusions on account of that will be, for all the right reasons, your own stinking problem.

And honestly, we're not sure where all your confidence is coming from.

See, it's not our fault you're such an attention whore.


  1. yey! first to comment! :)

    Momel dear, sarap mong maging friend! Pwede ba kitang maging friend even outside the blog world?

    Thanks for always making my day funny even without trying to! Teka, I know galit ka sa post mo na 'to..gusto ko lang yung sarcasm mo sa mga posts mo. Am I making sense?

    Anyway, luv yah, momel! :)

  2. At sino ba yang attention whore na yan? Need a back-up? :)

  3. we have a term -- BIRGing.

    Basking In Reflected Glory. Go with the sosyal crowd and poof -- sosyal ka na rin.

    ahahaha. you kill me each time, momel. buti na lang pala i am soooo... er.. masa?

    can someone plis kill that ipiz olreyyydii? so kadiri..!

  4. buti na lang may sarili akong spotlight.


  5. Who's this person pissing you off? This is interesting! LOL!

    The world has never revolved around me... I wish it would for once! LOL! :P

  6. hahaha. sobrang wake up call/slap na yan para sa kanya. who is this. mukhang ako din maiinis sa kanya pag nakita ko sha.


    thanks ha. you always seem to make sense to me :) .hugs.

  7. sure! @ sasha, you guys should know that we can be, ought to be offline friends as well noh!

    and thanks for the sarcasm comment. I just know I'm dripping it, I just needed to hear that from somebody. Thanks! :)

    ayun! @ adi BIRGing. that's a nice term ha! I like it, most especially the Basking part. dati you only bask in the warmth of the sun, now it's basking in the cool of other people

    aawwwww @ ira, I'm glad you're appreciating the sense in my bullshitting. That means a lot to someone like myself. :)

    and no @ sasha, ira, jigs

    I don't have nothing against a certain somebody. It's just there's things you notice about people in general.

    Thanks you all for still dropping by! MUAH!

  8. at sino nnman anmg kaaway mo iha??? yep.. im definitely back..

    and to whoever that attention whore is.. making you irate.. mmmmm... surely another one deserving some bitch slappin from u!! hehehe..

    mwah!! mwah!!

    btw, benign yun results.. :) god is goood!! no doubt about it!

  9. HEY! @ devilish

    That one word is good enough. Benign. Music. What can be more pleasant?

    I'm smiling right now, seeing you're back and you brought your groove with you too. Cheers, Devilish!

    Muah Muah!

  10. Oh, I just love sarcastic posts! Haha!

    And this is more than a wake up call to the person you are referring to. It's like you poured in a half gallon of coffee to his face. Oh shucks, ang corny ko na naman. Haha!

  11. thanks! @ jhed

    don't worry, this post was never inspired by any specific person with a name. I might, though.

    Cheers and thanks for dropping by!

  12. ay tarayan itu
    mahirap pla maka away si momel...aawayin ka in advance english!

    ei mellie...let a feeling sosyal run-in a feeling sosyal...iharap mo sya sakin

  13. ha ha haaa! @ Bry

    di nga, seryoso, wala talaga akong kaaway. these are but common observations lang naman from a very common tao like myself.

    pero I've been feeling so stressed/harrassed/raped as of the late.



  14. ay ganun?

    wala palang nagbaba-basking. ako lang.


    happy birthday! love you love you love you!

    kala ko ba erik ang tawag mo sa akin?

  15. Awwwwwwwwww @ erik


    Yan. Erik na tawag ko sa iyo ulit from now on. Sweet!




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