Monday, January 17, 2005

I Had a Crush on an Idiot Friend

**Haven't we all? With a friend, I mean, and they don't necessarily have to be, well, stupid.

Admitting to something does not always make things feel right. See, I have this little confession to make. I was this close, so damn fucking perilously close to falling for a childhood friend which, for all the right reasons, I better restrain myself from. He's nice, and tender and all that good jazz, but I knew better that falling for him and keeping it to myself is just like creating my own little timebomb which will explode to disastrous proportions if restraint is not exercised.

I never did try developing this crush, and I tried so dear hard to exterminate what little affection grows in the long run. I was always good at this little skill, and for all these time, I kept this to myself since I wanted no part of this being aired out to everyone's attention. Lord knows how I wished so hard that wears itself out in it's secrecy. Maybe I prayed good that time.

Fast forward to a week or two later, and I'm seeing this poor cute idiot as indifferently as I can afford. It might not be that much, but the sincerity behind the lack of interest is very genuine. I'm making myself proud with this, I might as well tap me hard on the back. He might be cute and all that, but what I'm looking at with my head turned in his general direction is that he's an inexcusable dumbass. Fortunately, this absolute lack of wit is an overwhelming turn off, it's up there right in between black underarms and gray gums, this dude has got himself a healthy serving of this particular deficit, and nothing can be more helpful. For what it's worth, him as a degenerate is very effective, and it has helped me with my basic objective of not falling for him.

It'll be the second coldest day in hell when I shall be attracted to sorry halfwits.

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