Saturday, December 25, 2004

Friendships in the Event of an Appendectomy

It's not as painful with the anaesthesia. But it's a different kind of hurt.Almost anyone near you will stand by you when you are doing okay, but see what happens when you are getting your nutrition from a needle. Sometimes, if they're good enough to keep, they'll even go to your hospital ward to see if you're doing fine. even if just to know if you'll live long enough to pay them off. It's the thought that counts, isn't it?

But everybody can be your friend, and almost everyone will want to be on your good side most especially if you're habitually treating them to a case of beer on their birthdays. Or on any given day, for that matter. You wouldn't mind if they never did reciprocate the gesture, but if they never did go out of their ways to find out if they're benefactor's going to live through an appendectomy, then something's not right. Maybe you've been spending too much on beer.

If it should be any consolation, at least now you know why bad investments never did return any interest.

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