Friday, August 26, 2016

Other People's Love Stories #4: Excerpts from a Blowjob

**There is no way to embellish this retelling any further, so I won't.

He holds my right hand, wraps my fingers in between his, moves them closer to his face, and then he starts planting slow kisses. This little boy of 22 has the softest lips, and those little boy kisses are a darling surprise. His breathing tickles the gap in between my fingers, how pleasurable, and I continue sucking on his little boy dick with renewed enthusiasm. To say the least, I was rather surprised at the gesture. And so I rallied on, undeterred, for I have an ejaculating mission to continue.

I was horny, you know, and I think I was doing a straight-up, bang up job. You seem I don't recall any of my boys kissing my hand while I was giving them head.

Fellatio has never been this romantic. I have decided to give this sweetheart such a violent orgasm that he'll be sucking his food for three days.


  1. Two things - (1) hurrah for amazing blow jobs that render "violent orgasms that he'll be sucking his food for three days." Hahaha.
    (2) interesting, and unique experiences as people kissing hands while getting done.


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