Friday, September 02, 2016

Speaking of Confidence that Causes Erections

**No. And it's still a Friday, and I made my deadline. Meanwhile, I do not fat shame. I love my friends of all sizes in equal measures. The thing is, you should have seen this pig in the mall. 

I ask you now, My Dearly Beloved Sweet Nuts, with unusual sincerity and truthfulness to the letter. When was the last time someone's confidence made you horny? Was there ever a time, just one time, that someone's oozing self belief made you moist to the point of flooding your basement?

There was this really fat, morbidly obese faggot who was wearing this black shirt that was pitiful in how it stretched on him. I tell you, if you had the opportunity to listen closely, then you will imagine a faint scream from that shirt. He had a pair of glasses on, a medium sized shopping bag on his left hand, and he walked as though he was beautiful. Honey, that gay pig was feeling it. And I should admit that a tired black shirt does make one feel fierce somehow, in parts, in small parts. It isn't just the shirt, however, that gave him that swagger in his walk.

Maybe it's all these books on self-empowerment that's leading him on. Maybe he's read one to many memes on the beauty within. Maybe has a valid accomplishment like maybe he has an enormous dick. Perhaps. Maybe I know someone who doesn't give a shit. Maybe that's me.

The back print on his shirt read "Prospect." Prospective what? A cardiac arrest in his thirties? What audacious advertising. It could work though. You can see "Prospect" from the moon.

I will hazard a guess and suspect that "Prospect" meant he was single. And I am not surprised. See, you go ahead and impress your confidence all you want, but that's hardly anything one looks for in a boyfriend. It is awesome that you are confident, and you go girl, but you're as big as a master bedroom. Wait, no. You're so wide and spacious, you might as well be haunted.

You put that goddamn book down, shed those crazy ideas in your head, and start losing weight if you want the rest of your audience to agree with your beauty.

The line "I want to date you because of your impressive confidence" does not happen in real life. I don't remember any mention of "Your perfect grammar made me love you more than masturbation" ever. No. Not in this life, or the life prior to this one. Not in this third world country, and not in this crazy planet.


  1. So much hatred, Momel! But with you, I expect nothing less. There is confidence but there is also an utter lack of self-awareness. haha

    As for this line: "Your perfect grammar made me love you more than masturbation"

    Just this weekend, I gave someone a fair shake for using an oxford comma. I don't know. We're in the time when the ellipsis can be used in exchange for any and all punctuations so to see that extra comma, it (in your words) flooded my basement. haha

    1. It turns out that there is still some hate in me, Nyl. Aging, apparently, just refines the way I manage the sonofabitch.

  2. Hahaha.

    You're so wide and spacious, you might as well be haunted.

    This killed me. Hahahahahahahha.

    For me, knowing what you want and going the extra mile to get it - gets me weak in the knees, each time.

    1. Oh it does now, does it Erik. What about some fag who wants two full sleeves and got them? Haha, I'm trying this new thing, this "replying to comments while tipsy," and, for the love of Merlot, I have no idea how this fares.

    2. Hmmm. Doing quite well, naman. May sense ka pa rin naman. Save me a glass. =D

  3. Mejo harsh but entertaining naman :)

    1. Thank you Simon. Get used to it though. I am hateful at times. And those are truly wonderful times.




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