Friday, May 03, 2013


**I can write about another compulsive behavior, but that can give you poor vision, sore arms, a decrease in your sperm count, and, in extreme cases, bleeding palms. So let me write about books instead. I bought me White Trash Etiquette (P60), Jewish as a Second Language (P60), and Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time (P60) last Sunday.  

Chapters and Pages is this obscure, second-hand bookstore which is located in front of a Watson's outlet at the ground floor of the Robinson's Galleria. It's one employee, that smiling and friendly Grace, takes care of the cash box, the inventory, and the over all organization of the merchandise. It has four uniform shelves about four feet high and twenty feet long, and there is two feet in between each shelf. It has one large bin for Buy One Take One books, mostly hardbound, and those run for a hundred pesos (roughly two and a half dollars) for two books. 

Chapters and Pages doesn't have any walls with which to secure it's perimeter. This means anybody can just snatch a book, club Grace on the head with a formidable hardbound until she's unconscious, and walk in stride for discretion. That Grace, poor Grace, can't do nothing about it. Meanwhile, the mall guards are usually being mall guards, which is elsewhere, most of the time. Unless, of course, they're being their notoriously incompetent selves and are tending to a lot of pointless frisking. 

But I get my sanctuary's lack of security. I mean, think about it. What nerd will steal a used book? 

Update1: I bought another book about five days after. I got me The Encyclopedia of Bad Taste, hardbound with the jacket intact, at P120. I noticed the words "Bad Taste" in this delicious purple font screaming like a homo on the cover, and I knew that I have to own this book. I mean, what is P120 for a reckless nerd? This encyclopedia is reference material for "America's Favorite, Flashiest, and Funniest Cultural Extremes." I may or may not read it from end to end. But that's not the problem. The real situation is that I'm hoarding again. And writing about this near-compulsive behaviour doesn't help me none. Hoarding is still hoarding regardless of how you look at it. 

However, if you were cross eyed, and you looked at hoarding, then it will be something like this: 


Update2: This Encyclopedia of Bad Taste has full color pictures of nude men (page 235), big boobs (pages 235, 236, 237), articles about perky nuns, novelty wrestling, and Liberace. It's all that and more for a dirt cheap P120. Honestly, that there is a steal. And I didn't have to club that smiling and friendly Grace on the head with it. 

Update3: The reason why this post has updates is because I wrote this first  on 04/28/2013. On a notebook. 

Update4: With the things are picking up, as far as my posting frequency goes, I suppose I can commit to updating this blog on a weekly basis. For real, homo. Please expect an update every Friday evening. Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh. 


  1. "For real, homo. Please expect an update every Friday evening. Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh. "

    I'll be in front of my laptop raping the F5 key! To be fair, I think the blogging community's getting a second (fine, maybe twenty-second) wind!

  2. I have to read "Chapters and Pages" with bated breath, I also go there kasi. :)

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  4. Oh the hell with the rest of the community. I'm just glad you guys are writing again. Here's to us! @ Nyl

    Haha @ Ilse, Maybe we'll see you sometime. The selection's fantastic, noh?

    Muahness from Pasig Cirehh!

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  6. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Parang ok yang Encyclopedia of Bad Taste. Micheal Stern yan 'di ba? I'm reading a book called The Book that Changed My Life (kinda arte the title) and he's in it.

    Let's meet up naman one of these days with Brew and whoever else. Discuss natin all about the sick books you've been hoarding, etc.



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