Friday, May 31, 2013

As Far as Faith Goes

**I have respect for all kinds of religions. It is in unequal measures, yes, but it still is respect. 

I believe in a Higher Power up there somewhere. And I know he's checking on me from time to time. That's what I have come to accept after all these years. And no. No one is going to interpret that for me. That unnecessary "intervention" will be an insult to my capacities. 

WHAT? You think I can't just say there's a higher power up there checking on me from time to time? WHAT? It can't be that black and white? WHAT? You and your beliefs have to be involved? WHAT? I need to distract my faith with your needless ceremonies and strict attendance? WHAT? My faith's not good enough, and your church guarantees my real ticket to heaven? WHAT? I cannot judge my own faith because I'm not subscribed to your religion? WHAT? I'm 32, and I've been sustaining my independent self for seven years now. You think I am not capable of making my own decisions? WHAT? What's your word again? Indoctrination? WHAT THE HELL'S UP WITH THAT? 



  1. haha sabi ng CBCP, di ka naman daw nila i-jujudge.baka nakaka experience ka lang daw ng identity crisis. charlot lang! ahaha

    hello momel!

    1. Hi Mots Pogi! Haha, actually hindi sa atin yan, sa iba yan, at inis ako. Well, that's life.

      Grabe delay sa comment noh? Haha! Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh!

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