Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Message for You Facebook Philosophers

**If you can find it in your hearts to kindly choke on this, please?

If quoting makes you cum, then go for it. Do it again, and again, and again, until you're pronounced dead by ejaculation. Quote to your satisfaction, but remember to credit your sources.
--I said this first, as far as I know. I Googled this goddamned light bulb moment.

It's so easy to echo what second hand words of wisdom you just heard or read somewhere. And it's just as easy to capitalize on somebody else's experiences, lump it in a weak phrase, and then pass it off as your own. Almost everybody else is doing it, everybody with an unhinged ego trip that is, and I am, quite honestly, ladies and gentlemen, getting really bored.

I can always let it go, of course, because its the same hand me down inspiration from the same dull people. And it's the same unyielding persistence of people who don't have a point, really, that gets to me. I can always hide their posts from my news feed, but I'll run out of material to bash. I can't call it a love-hate relationship. It's parasitism with a suck-my-dick attitude, that's what it is.

What I'm saying is that I can always let it go, or they could always die first, but I'm enjoying this secret pleasure one can only have in bashing. The letting go option, I suppose, may not happen.

Why is why I am proposing a suggestion, instead. Choose your wisdom and get it tattooed. Ink, needle, blood, antiseptic. Stick to it. At least we know your message goes across -- you really mean what you say. You can say it everyday, and you can reinforce your new found understanding with amazing visual aids. And you weren't just having a fit of plagiarism.

Shit Happens. Let it go. I wish I could take credit for this wonderful philosophy, but at least I mean it. And I live by it now with the loyalty of a bad ass lap dog.

Now that I think of it, the authors of my Anonymous Comments can use the same message. Let it go, love.

P.S. I will be having my meaning of life tattooed this September. There will be blood, needles, and pictures. I am suddenly possessed of this familiar need to fill skin.


  1. Wow, I'm surprised that Bart really read blogs, hehehe! Well said, I always see quotes on FB, being passed from one person to another, without giving credits to the source. Good thing, It isn't my attitude to post quotes on FB, hehehe! I love this post, tnx for sharing! =)

  2. Mr Star Circle Quest Bart B. -- Yehess, thanks for dropping by! First time ha? Lavet!

    ISP JM -- I'm just as surprised; it's a tie! Thanks for dropping by yow!

    Cheers Bart and JM! Mabuhay Kayo! Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh!

  3. ahmmm...buti na lang I've never gotten into the habit of posting quotes as my FB stat. Kase parang ang dami kong pwedeng isulat na FB stat tulad na lang ng mga makukulit na kwento ng mga junakis ko which even our company executives read. ahahaa! kaya careful ako at dapat laging wholesome ang sinusulat ko. :-) (wala namang halong resentment yan, pramis.)

    But your anonymous commenters ha. medyo FC ang drama nung isa dun sa last post mo. hihi!

  4. This is why I love you, Momel. You serve fuck yous like they serve pancakes in diners.

    These days, is anyone original?

  5. It's my first time as well. Love it! Balls-out. ;D

  6. Finally, some bile and venom served on a frigid, maggot-covered, platter. I was starting to wonder where all your angst have gone, slightly worried that the recent romantic interlude may have caused an unnecessary and inconvenient paradigm shift. Glad to see you're still the uncompromising, mouth-foaming, sharp-tongued, bad-ass punk that we love.

  7. Kaye -- Exactly; andami naman nating puwedeng gamiting stat, bakit kailangan palaging plagiarism diba? Puwede namang mag-endorse na lang ng mag-endorse ng mga blog posts eh.

    To be fair eh na-antig ako sa huling comment ni Mr Anonymous. Cherryng cherry yung part na only pussies are meant to be soft.

    Di ako pekpek, noh.

    Citybuoy -- I am. I think. I have spine, long legs, grammar, a loose mouth, and a practical grip on foulmouthing.

    Desole Boy -- Wow, I know I am familiar with your name elsewhere. I am floored and honored. Thank you for dropping by!

    Red -- Oh, you have no idea how the word inconvenient is so right on the fuck hole. I'm still angry, and I realized I have this soft spot about me that makes me angrier even. I love it though. It's warm and fuzzy and thoroughly a sweet, goddamn mess.

    Cheers Kaye, Nyl, Desole Boy, and Red! Mabuhay Kayo! Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh!

  8. I have a hobby of re-posting post/quotes. I will reblog this! Sana tama ang English ko shet!

  9. creampie4u12:14 PM

    yup,everyone sounds like a hallmark card,or is trying to be Confucius,I've been suppressing loathing towards those plagiarizing cumeaters,thanks Momel this post facilitates release,,:)

  10. but i do quote a lot of hand-me-down wisdom! i know i've read them somewhere; only i just don't know who told what. hence, there's really no proper credit. :D

    heck, the title of my blog is even one great plagiarism torn from a paperback quote.

    you do love your bloody shit happens, don't you? :p

    re: i am becoming clingy

    you remind me of the woman i love. the past few days have been a display of too much devotion, needy cat purrs, and extra scoops of thoughtfulness and care.

    not that i'm complaining. the woman's in love, i guess; and i am, too! i hope you are, too. :p

    re: blog soup no. 12

    maybe you ought to write a short on the wet dream. afterwards, insecure haters would surely abound. like the anonymous punk who's syntax is curiously the same with mine. troll's not me, of course. :D



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