Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Am Becoming Clingy

**And it's getting ugly.

I have noticed, recently, that I am always on the alert for his attentions, which he pours in generous showers, and I am increasingly pining and trying to get myself noticed. It is no longer sweet. It is rather disgusting, and pathetic, and is a far cry from the image that I am trying to project. I am supposed to be simultaneously fearless and bold, detached and caring, but clingy? Motherfucker, this will be the death of the person that I have always wanted to be.

True, we've had a month behind us, but that doesn't warrant this love fool that I am mutating into. Nothing does, because I am supposed to be tough as nails and ready to flip the finger with my eye. A person with the demeanor that I am trying to accomplish doesn't text his lover that he can't sleep. And he spices that up with a sad-faced emoticon, for good measure! Mother-fucker! What bad taste! What reproachful vileness! What unprecedented pathetic-ness! Since when have I become a dreamy, sheltered fifteen year old with an intact hymen?

I have recently subscribed to the Shit Happens Let It Go School of Reasoning. I got it tattooed as a matter of fact.

And now this?

You see, I love tattoos, and I like to rock, and I drink like a sailor during weekends. And I like to get fucked, and I like the taste of cock, and I foul mouth in wonderful excess. I trash talk with the boys, and I laugh real loud with the homos. I was all that before I met the Punk. But I am never bashful, let alone clingy, and I am suddenly texting that I can't sleep with a sad-faced emoticon to match.

Ay gran hijo de la puta! Madre de dios!

He didn't text back. Hah, serves you right, faggot. But he found some other way to communicate. This sweet, sweet Punk is killing me good.


  1. nakatakot mag comment

    baka kasi kainin mo ako ng buhay dito sa cyber world,

    pero kerribells!

    Di na 'ko makapagtimpi. I super like your posts

    Good Luck na lang...

  2. Di yan @ Jetlander -- Maraming salamat sa iyong pagdapo sa aking munting impyerno dito sa world wide web. Good luck talaga sa kin. Ibang klase tong punk na to. Lumalambot ako. At di mo na ko kailangang pakuluan pa ng ilang ulit. Voluntary ba? Siyetttt!

    Cheers Jetlander! Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh!

  3. lol@jetlander, i know the feeling.

    momel, di ako makagetover sa waif-like figure mo.

  4. @jetlander, ramdam kita. Huhu.

  5. mygawd, momel. you are really in love. at hanggang dito na lang ang comment ko lest you tell me na ako ang di makamove on. ahahahaha!

  6. EEewwwwww...

    I swear, Momel???? What happened? This is everything, everything you're nottttttttttttttttttt

    Hahahaha. Fucker, you must really love this guy for you to swallow each and every word you said before about love and all the shit it brings.


  7. It's not the vulnerability and causal emotions that is bothering you, but the manifestations of said emotions, symptoms previously unheard of, that rocks your hot pink-tasseled boat. But people do evolve, and in as much as I would prefer to deter in comparisons, maybe he's not like his predecessors. That, in itself, requisites a paradigm shift, and a tactical reconfiguration.

    Are you not wanton and pliant, laidback and libertine? Be Taoist about this, and go with the flow.


  9. next thing you know, you've turned into a housewife. *shudders*

  10. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Aww, Momel. It sounds like you're in love. Haha. Whoudda thought?

    I'm happy for you. =) I hope it works out.

    *Love the tat, btw.


  11. @jetlander, ramdam din kita.

  12. Bien -- Arte! The figure? Sex and alcohol, cigarettes and semen. That's the secret.

    Of course you know I'm a jerk. Tayo nang maging kupal! For long life yow!

    Goyo -- Arte! Matabil lang ako, pero malambot ang puso ko. Sa sobrang lambot eh napapa-text ako ng "Baby, di ako makatulog" with matching sad face emoticon. At maraming salamat sa iyong pagdalaw. Dalaw lang ng dalaw. Di naman ako nangangagat ng malambot eh. Hah!

    Kaye -- Di pa naman mashado, pahulog pa lang. Kumbaga sa tong-its eh pa-release na!

    Kane -- Ew is right on the

    a. cherry
    b. sphincter
    c. dot
    d. jugular

    Nadale mo, batang bata! Thank you for pointing that out. My complaints, exactly, and I was alarmed when I found myself sending that text message. Oh, I do hope I'm not that in love with the punk yet. For all the rightful, morally parallel reasons, I sure pray that I am not that in love with him yet.

    Red -- Di ko gets.

    Ahaha, I kid, I kid. You know I am getting rather fond of your choice of words, but evolve? Really? He will be, is my second partner, and the things he's been showing me these past few weeks far outweigh the displays of the first one. I crumble at his tenderness, and I crumble good.

    I use the word partner loosely, and I'm thankful that he's not reading this blog. Not yet. Because he will insist on an amendment. Or he will frown at my indecisiveness and start an argument. It's been a few weeks, but I'm liking the things I'm learning about him.

    Cheers Bien, Goyo, Kaye, Kane, and Red! Mabuhay Kayo! Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh!

  13. Kiks -- WAIT! TEKA TEKA! WAITTT! DELIKADO FREN EH... pero parang ganun na nga ata. Wahahaha! Pambihirang buhay to oo.

    Nishiboy -- Shudder is so right on the cherry. I don't think that I'm cut out for that kind of agency, though. But who knows? I can be a housewife for somebody else. See, there's this existing situation, the housewife situation... aha!

    Beautiful Katrina -- Well, I hope it works out until... Hah! I'm just beginning to reconcile with The Situation. Oh man, ass fuck this god damn love shit.

    Salbehe -- Arte! Di naman ako ganun ka-scary eh. Down to earth nga ako eh. Para nga akong anghel sa kabaitan eh. Isang anghel na nagmula sa langit, nahulog sa lupa, una mukha. Ganyan.

    Uy, Salbehe, MARAMING SALAMAT SA ENDORSEMENT AT SA LINK ha? Na-appreciate ko yun. Hataw ang hits ko nung week na yun. Thank you. Umagos ang hima ko sa pagwawatir. Thank you so much. Lavet.

    Cheers Kiks, Nishiboy, Katrina, and Salbehe! Mabuhay Kayo! Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh!

  14. Napaback off ako sa upuan ko sa malaking font ng espanyol na mura.


  15. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Hinay hinay sa ilusyones sistah because a lie becomes the truth. . . Then and may then. . . You'll eventually get laid. Yon na,

  16. Vajayjay -- Masanay ka na fren. Minsan mag ge-German tayo, watch out.

    Anonymous -- Ehhhhh... anonymous ka ehhh... walang bearing. Parang advice na mababasa ko lang sa urinal. Free for all, outside looking in, walang hihimayin. It almost sounds good, although rephrase mo na lang, magkakaroon na siya ng distinct na message. Isa pa eh... andami mong... dotdotdot... pa-mysterious...effect. Or ma... i... istroke.

    Talagang nag-word verification ka pa para lang maka-comment ng ganyan ano? Talk about purpose! Ahaha, I Love You for that!

    Cheers Vajayjay and Anonymous! Mabuhay Kayo! Muahness from Pasig Cireehhhh!

  17. Anonymous10:34 AM

    you have to earn your stripes before i reveal my awesomeness to mere mortals like you, momel. until then word verification will have to serve its pedestrian purpose in our wired lives.

    i admire your spunk, though. don't lose it. don't ever get soft. only pussies are meant to be soft.

  18. Anonymous -- Okay, I get it, you're the Divine Anonymous Overbeing. I gathered you were celestial with the words awesomeness and mere mortals.

    You got me at don't ever get soft. Thank you. I can use that. No one has ever told me that before, and I know I needed to hear that.

    Stripes my ass, though.

    Cheers Anonymous! Mabuhay Ka! Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh!

  19. Hair, Rapunzel, the hair... :D



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