Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Repost This

**I don't think the DISLIKE/ HATE /SUCK MY DICK option will happen. But I'm still waiting for a radio button that says "Does this post make sense to you?" Or at least a setting that says "Hide all posts from gullible people in your network."

I know it's a god send if it does happen, but I will keep that feature disabled anyway. I will run out of material to bash. For example...

I've seen a lot of these posts going around and muddying the already dirty waters of my FB wall. I have nothing against trash, I love to talk it, but if it's the dumb kind of trash that does nothing but to betray one's surplus of voluntary stupid, then I give it the dirty finger. You know it's not going to happen. It's always been a free service. And if some fake news gets your panties too much in a bunch that you have to comply to it's terms, then you a. Forgot that it was a free service in the first place b. Are too lazy to do Google c. Don't have enough of an offline life d. May have the mentality of somebody in a mob.

Reposts sustain themselves with the idea that if everybody else is doing it, then it must be true. Or if it was reposted enough, then it may be true. Oh please. But you find something out in the process though. Why, you have something in common with a lot of people in your network! Can you imagine that! We're all doing the same thing! I'm down with the right crowd! I'll repost this motherfucker to its death because we are the champions of this cause! We are a mob, and we operate on other people's ideas until it becomes our own! And, if its any consolation, I'm confident that Facebook is not closing my subscription now because I reposted. Take that, you cocksucker with a blog and no Facebook account in the future!

You shut your mouth.

Facebook is not going to close your account. The verified truth is there are a lot of idle minds out there who have this genius propensity to circulate the right kind of fake news. And when you think about it, this is not even remotely alarming these days. People get devilishly creative. But you go ahead and re-post it anyway because you're too scared to lose access to your online Ego Gym. Bitch, you can't be that stupid on purpose. It's more likely that You Just Are, by default, so you go ahead and repost the fake news anyway.

I will still like you even if you are gullible, though.


  1. When I see these stuff sa timeline ko, I would:

    1. Evaluate how deep my friendship is with the person who reposted the dumb trash

    2. If my evaluation resulted to me remembering how stupid that person was back in high school or how dumb I was to accept his friend request because I needed a neighbor in Restaurant City, I would consider A.) Hiding all posts from that person or B.) Click the Unfriend button.

    I can only imagine kung sabay sabay sila nagdagsaan sa Facebook feed. Nakakainit ng bangs. Hahaha.

  2. Ako I just hide posts from gullible people. Kaso nawawalan na ng laman yung feed ko. :(

  3. yeah, saw this, too, but ignored it, knowing how stupid it would be for Facebook to do just what that particular status message says. But I have to admit that several of my FB friends posted that status kaya keri lang. And I also saw your status message, momel, and honestly, natawa ako because we thought alike. I mean, it's too easy to google this. The mere fact they were able to repost that long message means they had access to the net and hence, google, to verify info. oh well.

  4. the world is full of gullible people. ewan ko ba kung bakit ang daming nauuto. siguro dahil takot silang magbayad sa kinaaadikan nilang efbee. \m/

  5. Not discrediting the obvious bandwagonism here, most people would, without an effort to verify, re-post these things from sheer ignorance and laziness. Thinking "it wouldn't hurt," and be an asinine, mob-following retard. But then again, one could easily contest my positing since I am devoid of an FB account.

  6. Anonymous1:15 PM

    the same kind of "send this to 50 fuckin' ignoramuses and get a brand new car" chain mails that automatically fill my mail trash bin. oh the stupid things folks do to satiate their hunger for material desires!

  7. I didn't know that this kind of message is circulating within facebook. Does it mean nobody in my circle of friends is dumb enough to repost this shit? I'm glad :)

  8. Let's accept the fact that idiots can now be found in almost anywhere. If you can remember, last year, meron 'din bogus website na nag post naman about "FACEBOOK WILL END ON MARCH 15, 2011!"... They now changed it to 2012, because, it became such a huge hit. Too bad, there are so many gullible people in the world wide web... =)

  9. Anonymous8:22 AM

    so far wala pang ganyan sa mga friends ko dun sa fb..minsan, nakakabuti din pala ang maging choosy. ahahhaa.
    ung meron man ganyan, alam na. rest assured na muted na siya. ahaha

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  11. I wouldn't know where to e-mail you so I opted to tell the whole wide world that...



    Kahit ngayon ko palang na-discover ang blog mo (late bloomer ako shet ikaw na ang favorite ko.

    Nahiya naman daw akong sabihing "blogger" din ako. I also keep a blog pero puro pagkain, kaartehan at pagmamaganda lang ang laman nun.

    Thank you. Your blog challenged me to read more books and write better.

    Ang baduy nito, and I don't usually use this term but you are now my idol, Momel!! Keep up the fantastic job, 'te!! :)




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