Thursday, March 03, 2011

What, No Career Yet? -- A Follow Up on Jimgirl's Epic Fail

It's been four, five months since you last came out in drag. And then what? Don't tell me you don't have any TV or movie offers yet. Endorsements, perhaps? Soaps? Voice overs? Any further guestings? Anything to promote? Nothing? Seriously? But you looked so, ah, fierce in that interview slash grand reveal with Boy Abunda. You wore this faux leather jacket on that animal print blouse. You had this most tasteful bonnet on, and those black leggings you wore did a wonderful job in concealing those mammoth legs. How can such a refined taste in clothes fail you? You looked all too smashing with your coming out.

Smashed in the face is more like it. Hah! I shall make it a personal mission to monitor what news of you with such devilish sarcasm, and I will make fun of you, Jim Girl, every chance I get. That will be an easy job, though. I drip ridicule, and I don't expect to hear anything from you in the next 100,000,000,000,000 years.

It's been four, five months since you last came out, and I still hate you with a passion.


  1. I have to let go of the excess bitching. I will be leaving for Bolinao tomorrow at 4am, and I need to leave the toxicity here in Manila.

    I will be back on Sunday. You all have a great weekend, you darling punks!

  2. Enjoy Bolinao, and remember, safety first! ;)

  3. yes, hopefully Jimgirl won't be in Bolinao. last i heard s/he cannot even pay the pedicab driver.

    be safe, enjoy and next time, no more nega-vibes.

    mwahz from hang kang citeeeeeeh! hihi

  4. loooove the hate.

    enjoy your vacation.

  5. don't forget to visit the enchanted cave... may masarap dun, hindi lang ang tubig... may mas masarap pa.... ahahahahaha

    bwisit na Jim Girl yan

  6. hahaha

    take care momel!

    LOLOL at this jimgirl shit

  7. Mygaaaad, Jim Girl's screencap still irritates me.

    Ingats Momel! Hindi pa ko nakakarating ng Bolinao! Ingget me much!

  8. haha! ikaw talaga! I don't know why you are wasting your time and this blogspace on somebody as worthless as that jimgirl. You are way more famous than him, haven't you noticed? Even JZaf would agree with me. Hihihi! Ikaw na ang kaemail ni madam. :-D

  9. Ni-post ko muna yung The First Joyful Mystery Post. Kailangan ko lang mag-update. Mahirap na. Baka isipin niyo natatamad na ako mag-blog eh!

    Red -- Thanks, Red! That's safety on all levels, I know. Wonderful chatting with you on those little hours preceding the trip. Thanks for keeping me awake!

    Kiks -- Wahaha, truth? He will be drowned if he was in Bolinao, scout's honor, and he'll float like the humpbacked whale that he is.

    Nishi -- Thanks Nishi!

    YJ -- So, naka-check ka dun, ibig sabihin? Enchanted Dookit! Di ako sumama sa papuntang Enchanted Cave, although nagpunta yung teammates ko. Nagpa-fresh na lang ako sa kuwarto. Nakakapagod maglakad dun eh.

    Bulitas -- Shit is so right on the butt, ain't it?

    Vajayjay -- Ahh, so this gay fool, JimGirl, is still good for something after all. Irritation. I wonder how we can enterprise on that. Bolinao is fun! Could sure use more boys, but I was satisfied with the alcohol just the same.

    Kaye -- He's my favorite pet peeve, and I will not miss an opportunity to complain about his being. I'm almost done with the Return to Ribblestrop book, and I'm so looking forward to making that review!

    Cheers Red, Kiks, Nishi, YJ, Bulitz, Vajayjay, and Kaye! Mabuhay Kayo! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  10. I love this whole shit. Hahahaha! His failure is so epic nobody even talks about how he failed, except you, because of your fascination with annoying people...



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