Friday, December 24, 2010

Sorry I Took a Dump on Your Dick. Here's P20 More.

**Which is exactly what 2010 has been like for this here blahg of bullshit.

Thank you, you lovely darling punk, for being so generous with your page loads, and your comments, and your lurking, and your link exchanges, and your follows. Those gestures are, figuratively, the best ass-fucking that my lonely sex-starved blog needed. You all know I'm a jerk who foul mouths in excess and is generally nasty in all the wrong places. You all know I'm this gay asshole who vibrates the influence and the innuendos with a fury. I'm far too mischievous for your own good, hell, for my own good even, but you punks kept at it until I'm far too sore to even cross my legs.

Fucking A!

Your patronage is like doggie style without the muscle pain, the warm and sticky feel of lube, that faint whiff of alcohol in your breath as you try to kiss me from behind, from where you're kneeling, that curious smell of shit and then the panic that goes with it, and most importantly, the discomfort that takes place when your dick intermittently gets too pumped and then goes out of my hole.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, darling punks one and all, I just compared your benefaction with sodomy. And I did that on purpose. You know how I work; I'm wicked with my compliments, and I'm mostly in heat.

Now, allow me to say this, and I say this with every grateful fiber in my being -- You all rock! Honestly, you do. Keep at it, and try not to be hiphops because they die early, and they're sure to rot in hell with a dead certainty.

That being said, You All Have a Merry Christmas! And may your blood pressures shoot off the roof! That's reverse psychology. You know I love you. You know I care. You shout whenever, and I'll be there. And I really mean the seasons greetings.


  1. So doggy style causes muscle pain. How about that. Bohahahaha.

    I don't know if you know this about me but hiphop people scare me. Those people that you see in the mall wearing bedsheets? I avoid them like I found out that they were the ones sending me death threats.

    Merry Christmas Momel! Kala ko mag aarrange ka ng inuman? Haha.

  2. Vajarl,

    Truth! As a matter of fact, this post was inspired, partly, by the very muscle pain that I'm referring to. Ahaha!

    I know your issue with them marginally retarded posers. I have read that somewhere in your blog. And this doesn't surprise me none.

    Merry Christmas din Vajarl! Nag arrange nga ako dati, pero nagkaroon ng aberya sa schedules nila eh. Pero okay lang, we have the whole of 2011 ahead of us!

    Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  3. ang daming tilamsik sa post na to..pakilinis nga muna...wahhahaa....

    merry xmas momel...glad to know you....

    yan ang sabi ni dora sa mga taong bago mong nakilala...see? Dora keeps my manners well..lols

    PS: nalagay na kita sa blogroll...ayaw mo kasi sa google reader lang...s blogroll talaga..ahahaha

  4. Malndi ka talagah! tse!

    Merry C na lang sa yo!

  5. wahahaha!!!



  6. Anonymous12:39 PM

    merry christmas melly.

    Bryan Stars

  7. Merry Christmas MOMELLLLLLLL (yan andaming L)

  8. momel.

    you have to completely remove my name and link....hindi talaga magchchange yan kung i change mo lang ng url...dapat parang bago mo lang ako nilagay sa blogroll mo.parang ngayun lang tayo nagkakilala...ahahaha...try will work..lols

  9. Dear punks, I apologize for not being too elsewhere these past few days. I think I'm sick from all that third world brandy.


    Aww, glad to know you rin Bhie. At maraming salamat sa pag-add sa iyong kumikinang na blog roll. Sobrang naiyak ako dun, hindi dahil sa masakit sa una, kasi nakaka-touch. Yehess, oi mag-inom tayo minsan pag bumalik ka rito anoh?

    Ms. Lyka,

    Ahaha, daghang salamat sa iyong pagdalaw at pag-comment! First time ata ito, teh, sana ay masundan ng masundan ng masundan. Parang booking lang.

    Cheers Malditz and Lyka! Mabuhay kayong dalawa and Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  10. Totoy Batohw...tohw...tohw,

    Honga, rakenrowl talaga bhie. Love you!


    Wow, two comments on two succeeding posts! Are you really back for real, Amiga?

    Cheers Je and Bry! Mabuhay kayong dalawa and Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  11. OraLLLLLLLLLy,

    (Bakit nga naman kasi andaming L?)


    Oh, I know I've tried that, but I'll try something else. Huwag kang mag-alala, Bhie, hahamakin ko ang lahat ma-update ko lamang ang iyong link sa aking... blog roll. Alam mong magkakaroon ng malaking puwang sa aking... blog roll kung hindi ito updated gamit ang iyong bagong url na tinatawag.

    Cheers Orally and Malditz ! Mabuhay kayong dalawa and Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. OMG! I just noticed that you put up a link to my blog! That’s insane! And so…undeserved. (Forgive my overeager excitement, I’m a link virgin.) I was wondering why I was getting hits from Europe and the States – I figured it was just saggy old men searching for mail-order brides who had Googled ‘pretty girl + cebu city + willing to be bum-f***ed’ or something like that. Why’d you do it? Compassion? Pity for my hole-in-the-wall blog? Holiday philanthropy? Eh, who am I to question a good thing? Thank you so much!!! It has compelled me to elevate the quality of my shabby blogging.

    By the way, I found the perfect pair of words to describe your blog content. Have you ever thought up a phrase and believed yourself to be so clever only to Google it and find out someone has already thought of it and you’re not as original as you’d like to think? I hate when that happens. Anyways here’s to your Big Blahg of Bovine Scatology! Long live Momel, the bovine scatologist!

    Happy New Year from Cebu! =)

  14. Beautiful Katrina,

    So that's why you call yourself Sitting Pretty! We are FB buddies now, and I should say that you are a darling fox. A punk, yes, but a fox all the same.

    Anyway, I have always taken pride with the little courtesies like what you just referred to. I like how you write, and what you write about. There's something of a kindred spirit in there somewhere, and I am satisfied to have one of our own in my roll. Now if you want to do quality writing, I suggest that you drop by Jessica Zafra's blog sometime. Just do it, you pretty darling fox of a punk, and you'll thank me later. There's more of our kind in there.

    Say fucked. It's alright. This here blog of bovine scatology prefers to leave no holds barred. Cuss if needed; it's infinitely far more therapeutic that way.

    Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  15. you're so profane, so relentlessly vulgar! don't you ever change. :)

  16. Pat,

    Why of course not! I submitted something for Ms Zafra's latest LitWit challenge, and it was loaded will all sorts of obscenities imported from... ahhhh... that beauty parlor from around the corner.

    I really liked it in its entirety.

  17. This sounds wrong but I really had fun fucking your blog this year!!! And like pat said, DON"T CHANGE!

  18. Andy,

    Ahahah, exactly what I wanted to hear. Oi Andy, just let me know when you want to get your books.

    Of course, there's no changing this sonofabitch. The people in my roll will see to that; they're mostly darling punks.

    Cheers, Glen! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  19. ahahaha! what a way to deliver your season's greetings. Sodomy, ouch. my virgin ears!

    Merry Christmas and I sure wish your blood pressure shot off the roof. uh...that was said in jest. hihihi!

  20. Kaye,

    Oh you sweet little thing! You just keep dropping by, and I promise to bring you world class sodomy at its finest. Or at least the written equivalent of masturbation. Whatever floats your boat.

    Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  21. WTH! I am staying here for that promised sodomy. See? ahahahah! ansaket sa bangs. :-D

    and I liked how you called me. sweet little thing. been a while since someone called me that. And i bet you it was not my husband. bwahahahah!

  22. Kaye,

    Now that was weird, coming from you! Ahaha, was it your... girlfriend then?

    I kid, I kid! I'm a jerk.

    Cheers Kaye! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  23. ohhhhh...sorry to disappoint you. not a girlfriend though, i bet again, my husband would relish the thought. bwahahaha!

    anuver. chatroom na ang comments section mo. hahahaa!

  24. Happy 2011. =)

    Thanks for visting back as well. =)



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