Saturday, January 09, 2010

Did Hitler Really Ejaculate During His Speeches?

**One of the more nagging worries which prompted this post was my Keyword Analysis statistic in my hit counter. Apparently, people who Googled the phrase "hitler ejaculation during speech" found my blog in their search results. Try it. It's the first search result, as a matter of fact, it's way up there, first picks, like I specialize on Adolf's bodily discharge. A pervert finds a kindred spirit with a kinky Google search, but it's got Hitler on it, and I'm not having none of that shit.

The whole mess is alarming, really, a big fucking shock even for my desensitized standards. I know I'm thoroughly a faggot all throughout (every which way, don't need MENSA to verify that), but MY Final Solution (I aim to mildly upset people who I can't indoctrinate with my wholesome homo-ness) employs a Blogger Account, DSL access, and a steenkeeng mouthful of verbal diarrhea.
I've never met a Jew I didn't like. Never met one, really, but I'm positive they're a thoroughly likeable bunch.

This association (being the top search result on Hitler's ejaculatory habits) is highly retarded. I just want to say that, but I don't mean to delete this other certain post which caused that fake celebrity. See, the reason why my blog ends up as a search result is largely due to this post I published in 2006. It's called "You don't need to know these things, but I'm sure you'll read this through," and it's a kinky enumeration of fetishes and sexual trivia. Nothing you'll tell your parents, though. Like, did you know that the word "Penis" is Latin for tail. Are you aware that soaking your testicles in iced water can increase sperm production? And did someone tell you that the word "masturbation" was only introduced into the English language in 1759? That post is charged with useless information that solicited a fair amount of comments at that time.

Anyway, item number fifteen on that post mentioned that Adolf Hitler frequently ejaculated during his speeches. It didn't give us no specific details, but that explains why I'm getting first picks.
This post asks a question for it's title, and so it is just proper that I stop the introduction and jump to the answer itself.**

Yes. He did. And, on a lighter note, the sonofabitch's dead. He committed suicide, and he did it proper, too! He blew his brains out with a Walther PPK 7.65 mm pistol less than a day after marrying Eva Braun.



  1. I checked.

    And yeah, it was kinda disturbing.

  2. See! @ Manech

    Freaky, perverse, and altogether curious to a certain degree, that's what it is. Disturbing is so right on! I'm not saying I like it, but you don't hear me complain much neither.

  3. Anonymous5:50 AM

    HitlEr iZ ..ugh..UKEY PUKEY! HE MAKES ME me looK@eViL wHen I sEe hIZ UGLY FUCKIN FACE!! A hypocrite!! He waz gaY! HeY hey! JuZt likE mE!! Cumming iN ur paNts during siCkning speaCheZ of killiNg innocent viCtimz!! YaH,if I waz him I wOULDA.SHIT myseLf 2!!! He waz a gaY Jew!!! WTF! And I still c "followerZ" of him aRound. Lost lil saD soulZ . Face urself...itZ s0 liberating!! Fuckin idioT!! Oh my gurlfrieNd sHaveZ her puNaNy hair w a Hitler style look lol peaCe!!



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