Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Your Ultimate Heartthrob Broke My Gaydar!

**Shit, and the poor little thing has got Wifi, too!

I think their ultimate heartthrob is well endowed. With this boner that ultimately throbs itself into a fierce erection. That stands at attention towards the masculine delectability of another potential heartthrob. Who may or may not mind the unexpected attention. Because they've been masturbating a lot in the closet. And they need some action, Now!, because their perspiration smells like mothballs. But I could be wrong. Wait until I upgrade my gaydar. And I'll even name names. Or at least I could give them some lame pseudonyms like "The Ultimate!" Ultimate Power Bottom, that is. At least there's still something ultimate about them.

And there you go.


  1. So much for superlatives. Hahaha.

    BTW, I googled "ultimate heartthrob" and this post is second on the list (next to some pex thread about a certain DJ Durano). :)

  2. Ohhh @ Manech

    And there you go! Thanks for dropping by!



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