Sunday, January 03, 2010

What Hurts Like a Cheap Root Canal?

**Happy New Year!

It's updating my drop down lists there on the right yonder to include all my posts up to December 2009, that's what! Shit, it didn't occur to me that the last time I did was way back in 2008, so it was a long process, like trying to cu... My ma's reading my blog now, yes, so I'm not as kinky as I want to now. Anyway, try to find time to browse through my posts, okay? It's 2010, do something with your time, quit masturbating as much as you did last year.

Had enough of the finger sausages in my prior posts? I got the inspiration while browsing through an all time favorite, First time I chanced upon that pedestal of perverse pictures was in the 90's, I think, but I know we still had dial up back then. I remember having to endure all that electric static before going online just to be positively revolted by all that wicked imagery! is an experience, I tell you. It brings out the inner masochists in each of us. How in the hell does one explain the subtle eagerness to browse through very explicit morgue pictures after getting practically mauled by pictures of babies getting dissected? Anyway, they used to get about 15 million hits a day back then, and they claim to be "more popular than the New York Times website." I don't care, I love the site like the hell they're trying to raise, open a new tab and go to You need a distraction from all this stupid faggotry.


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  2. The last time I got me spam in my comments was a year back, two at the very most. What can I say, welcome back?





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