Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hold Your Breath, Please

If horror movies were magazine advertisements for perfume, I'd scratch and sniff. If horror movies were some guys balls, I'd still scratch and sniff. See, I've been enjoying the golden filth of movies earlier than my first screening of the Adventures of Milo and Otis in the Grade School auditorium. My first horror movie had that ugly freak Freddie Krueger eating pizza with screaming human heads for toppings. That was a singularly terrible childhood recollection, however delectable, but then it fast forwarded to a fuck scene some minutes later, and I was, oddly enough, mightily appeased. All the more interested if you may because weird and horny are some of my favorite impressions.

This specific interest is a 20-year relationship. And it's going strong with an abstract boyfriend possessing an irresistible bad taste, however clever and inventive and macabre and brutal, for entertainment. To tell you honestly, it's one of my lingering passions that survived puberty, ROTC, and my first homosexual encounter combined. And I will be writing horror reviews in my blog very very soon. I love to watch scary movies and that passion's paralleled only by my equally devouring passion to bullshit.

A blog just makes the translation all the more convenient. I'm talking about this blog whose writings reflect such inspiration and influence from some super weird gay prick who's been watching the same endearingly stupid shit for these past twenty years and counting.

That's The Phantom of the Opera, Linda Blair as Regan in The Exorcist, and a clip from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

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  1. haha nakakatuwa naman, buti ka pa you have a record of your old posts. ako im blogging since 2000, first year HS ako nun, but when my old domain crashed, nawala na lahat ng record hehe. sayang sayang.

    anyway, i'll be waiting for your horror movie reviews.
    :D i love horror films lalo na kapag sa sinehan haha and youre with someone special. takutan blues with yakapan session hahaha.

    kidding. :d ingat

  2. look at this photos, http://lifeinlenses.blogspot.com/2007/11/photo-exhibit-at-hilton-resort-and-spa.html

    meron ako dating name sa mga photos ko, kaso tinamad na kasi akong mag edit hehe.

  3. review mo na rin patayin sa sindak si barang...o barang (may movie ba na barang?)...o lahat ng shake, rattle and roll movies...sama na rin dyan yon aswang movie ni jean garcia...o yong kay kris?


  4. im not a big horror fan
    but i am on sniffing...balls

    sniff sniff

  5. meron ka nang entrecard? www.entrecard.com

  6. Hey Momel! Musta na? Grabe long time no visit here...

    Oo yun na ang official site ko hehehe... You're into monetizing na rin? :D

  7. Wow! @ Lad

    Glad that you like horror movies too! Don't worry, I'll make my movie reviews worth your while!

    And oh, I checked your personalized photos, and yeah, it might be a little too strenuous to edit all of them. Most especially if you have all that passion.

    Ha haa @ Bananas

    Bihira kasi ang powerful na horror movies na pinoy outside of the Shake Rattle and Roll series. Personal favorite ko ung aswang with Manilyn and Anna Roces.

    He he he @ Bry

    Amen to that!

    Hello hello! @ Joy

    I just signed up for it! Thanks for letting me know! :)

    OMG! @ Sasha

    You're here! I missed you! Yes, and the dear Devilish taught me!

    I so love her for that!


  8. Naku, sa lahat ata ng horror movies, Shake Rattle and Roll series lang ang kinaya ng powers ko!

    Have u seen d other Aswang movie? foreign ata yun.. la lng.. naalala ko lng yun cd nkakalat sa bhay dati.. :p

    Anyway, Kamusta naman???? Kamusta ang nakakagalit na dolyares natin??!! hehehe..

    Love u Momel!

  9. how about erotic thrillers. preferrably those with balls sniffing scenes.



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