Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I claim no authority. I'm just a weird fag who loves to watch scary movies. In the course of this lingering weakness, I began to distinguish really good movies from that iredeemably diseased shit you can't even use for manure. I've been watching them freaky films for a lot of years now that I developed taste. Or bad taste. Which ever's more appropriate. See, I like my horror movies to border in between guiltless brutality and soft porn. That's a preference, and although I am still waiting for The Greatest Desensitizing Movie there is, I still maintain a soft spot for scary movies that capitalize on an effectively moving story all the same.

I am very partial with my ratings because I know what sucks, and I know what shines, and I'm not looking forward to an agreement or a challenge because it's all for good clean fun right off the bat. I won't even entertain arguments on account of it's just a scary movie, and you're probably weirder than my person if we start discussing, at your lead, why I think werewolf movies are the gayest.

The first poster is for Lucio Fulci's The Beyond, published in 1981, and the one on the left, City of the Living Dead, is from the same director published in 1983.

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