Sunday, January 20, 2008

Horror Movie Review #3: Ted Bundy

Directed By: Matthew Bright
Release Date: 22 November 2002
Running Time: 99 min
Language: ENGLISH
Horror Type: Serial Killers
Sex? - YES
Gore? - YES
Momel's Rating: 4/5

"I can't feel sympathy for other people, but I'm still human."

This guy keeps a well-organized drawerful of handkerchiefs, loves girls, steals groceries and plants and appliances, and masturbates in the street, right outside some girls apartment. Some black guy from an upstairs apartment looks down at him, screams "Oh God, you again," and throws water at him while he's jerking off. He's almost crying in his car as he drives away from the scene of his perversion.

He flunks out of law school, and is just beginning to flunk psychology. He looks forward to a good fuck, and he strangles his girlfriend when she refuses his dog-style kung-fu. He casually forces entry into his masturbatory fantasy's apartment, knocks her skull in with a crowbar as she sleeps, and, like the Grade A sadist he is, he relentlessly punches her on the face afterwards. He then goes back to his girlfriend's apartment to have chicken, like dinner-chicken. Afterwards, he breaks into another random girl's apartment in the same night where he forces the same wash and rinse crowbar action he observed earlier.

He asks his girlfriend to play dead, "don't even breathe," as he fucks her handcuffed person. And he's not singularly devoted, since he loves to chase other girls; he does so with a crowbar. He's still mildly murderous at this point since he goes on a killing spree later on.

This carnival of rape and murder follows the life of infamous serial killer, Theodore Bundy. At the same time, its a no holds barred depiction of this one psychopath who, in real life, gave hell to the 29 people he brutally ravaged and killed for pleasure. It is relentless and severe at the same time, and it follows a smoothly transitioning story which also included clippings from the actual capture of the real monster.

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