Thursday, November 29, 2007

Technical Support Story #1: To Spam or Not to Spam?

I do technical support as some kinky night job, and you have no idea how some calls just make it worth the long nights. Let me share some of those stories beginning with this post on.

I was walking this caller, he was this guy with a rasping low voice, through customizing the SPAM PROTECTION in his Yahoo inbox. He has no problems at all following directions, and his inbox was almost completely SPAM PROOF within minutes.

I went on ahead and gave him examples of which email messages to look out for. So I told him, "No sir, you don't want that VIAGRA mail. Let's go on ahead and check that to MARK it as SPAM."

And then there was silence. About ten to fifteen seconds of it. I just had to put the phone on mute after realizing that he must be having second thoughts.

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