Sunday, November 04, 2007


I reckon I did a good job of pulling myself together after all this uncalled for abstinence from blogging. Hello friends, I am back.

Yes, I might be at a loss for words right now on account of I often post preparedly, but look at how good I steal my images just to make a point!

Oh, and feel free to navigate through the shitting bull dropdown to your right. I take it most of my you guys from way back might recall that wonderful chunkiness. It's nuttier this time though, and runnier at that, since I've updated it with all of my posts to date!

You know how I love to make life easier for your clickers. And speaking of which, pray be most generous with those Ads. He hee, I'm sexier now, see?


  1. "Oh is that a marching band i hear from the distance" Bryan cried.

    "Oh yes, they're here to welcome Momel" somebody replied.

    WB mel!!!!

    Pang ilang wb na to ha... hehehe
    pero sige lang, we know naman that fun ang dala mo everytime you're back penning down stuff.


  2. the ad says it'll find me an italian woman. goodluck sa akin.

  3. and oh, welcome back. :)



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