Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Old People Don't Make Singit

They usually don't, but this old bitch in the drugstore did. My inner scandalous pig, brother to my inner child and my inner asshole, was applauding with glee as she cut the line after me. There was well about five, six people behind me, and she did took the time to scan the growing queue. And like the underlearned role model of today's growingly hopeless youth, she cut the line behind me while no one was looking.

Her timing was perfect.

Of course, I was expecting nothing short of a scandal to happen, but I continued getting bored as the same idle waiting continued. I'm not sure if the people behind me noticed, they probably did, but this old bitch jumped ahead of five, six people and got away with it.

I know people like me probably sucked in this situation but, I was thinking, she probably lead a long life, so why let her wait?

I soo missed you all.


  1. We soo miss you too!!!

    Where the hell have you been? And why didn't you let her (the queue bitch lady) wait, charity begins at home not at an apothecary!

    WB Mellie!!

  2. yay for more bullshit.


  3. Awww

    Hello @ Bry

    He hee, I've had a lot up my ass, and no, its not a penis. I missed you so much, MUAH!

    Oh hello hello @ Pat

    Yup, more bullshit it is!

    Thanks everybody!



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