Saturday, August 31, 2013

Whatever Update

**I wouldn't have anything to write if it weren't for this light bulb moment that happened to me. While I was taking a shit this morning. No pictures. No spell check. No previews. 

I have learned to. Identify my tolerance. For everybody else's bullshit. And then I get to decide. Should I smile it away? Give it the finger? Write it out? There's no end to your vanity. Anyway. I've been smiling it away more recently these days. That's scary. I've been writing your crap out. And then I find myself smiling at it. This blog is fucked. 

Maybe this inner-peace bullshit. It's just a goddamned phase. It better be. Oh Jesus Mary. It better be. 

I can choose to post this on Facebook. As a status update. And I will choose to ignore it myself. 


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