Monday, February 15, 2010

My Cats

**This was posted, without the pictures, as a comment on one of my favorite blogs.

My sister gave me these two cats, Prince and Cruiser. Prince is a Siamese, Cruiser is a Himalayan. Prince was for keeps; his former owners (a gay couple that worked with my sister) complained that Prince peed Everywhere. And so they gave him away. Cruiser, on the other hand, was something that my sister's domestic help couldn't stand. She's allergic, see, and the poor little Cruiser was a hairy dandelion. And so she, my sister, asked me to take care of her Cruiser, which I did.

I've had Prince for close to two years now, Cruiser for five months. Prince is the older of the two, walks around the house like he owns the place, meezers (Siamese cat howling) everybody out of sleep and into fits of expletives, and is generally a stuck up snob by disposition. However, he's a darling that loves to cuddle, and he doesn't pee as much because we trained him well with a stick. Cruiser is a big little hairball of a kid that runs a lot, likes to be scratched, and plays with anything from the litter box.

We live in this two storey apartment, and it is with unfailing consistency that my sweet little Prince stares at the top of the stairs during the afternoons. He starts with casual glances, and then escalates the weirdness into prolonged stares that lasts for minutes at end. Cruiser never does that. He enjoys his shit.

Could it be that some cats are more sensitive than others?

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