Monday, November 17, 2008

Presenting the Google Define Function

**You are so going to love this.

If you're a blogger, and you're this excited to wow your readers with some highfalutin bullshit, and you don't know heads or tails of that big word in question, and you're too impatient to pull up (Merriam Webster), then stop fretting. Your fetish for trying hard, uncharacteristic jargon is now as convenient as a happy meal. Everybody's favorite search engine, that's Google for those five people who are still using Yahoo Search, has this "define" feature which fetches definitions in a matter of nanoseconds. Or something just as fast.

Say for instance you need help with a big word, like, I dunno, PEDERAST.

1. Open the Google Search Bar. We're approaching 2009, so that's probably everywhere at this point.

2. Now, in the Google Search Bar, type in the word "define" followed by a colon. It's not case sensitive. The colon might be, though. And then you append (that means ATTACH) the big word in question. You may or may not add a space between the colon and the big word.
3. Press Search, and it returns several web definitions for that term you've been meaning to use.Ohh, boy lover.


  1. is this a paid review... cause there i go making tumbling to the max...

    good post gurl!

  2. Oh no! @ Lexan

    I've stopped doing paid reviews, and I'm no longer excited doing them.

    Thanks for dropping by!




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