Thursday, November 06, 2008

From the Old Writing Board: Selling the Drama (July 2006)

**This is a hitherto unpublished post, and the title ought to clue you in on that one detail. I have this word file in the old computer where I write at random when unrestrained.

We are still together though. What you're about to read hasn't seen the light of a real confession, and I'm still hoping to conceal in real life what cruel infidelity I'm about to dispose of.

So here's what's been happening to me as of the late: I'm in a relationship right now. But my friends don't like him, they make it real clear that they don't like him, they raised hell just to make their point, and my friends now hate me for sticking with the guy.

He doesn't know it, but I already cheated on him twice with two of his friends.

I'm trying to sort things out, and I talked to him about calling it quits. I must have asked the wrong question, but it turns out we're still together. See, I'm knee deep in all this, but I'm still grateful that my offline friends have forgiven me for not being so visible these past few weekends.


  1. hmmm no comment ha
    okay lang?

  2. you bitch!!!


    there is one thing I learned when it comes to cheating... bear the guilt... never share... for the more it would hurt... don't be selfish... bear the guilt... it's your fault anyway... suffer then...

    don't include him... just shut up... and suffer on your own...

    don't you dare try to wash your hands... don't you dare try to relieve yourself with this cross by telling him... no, you don't deserve...

    no one does..

  3. It happened two years ago, and I'm just beginning to have the brevity enough to at least betray in print what guilt I've been concealing since.

    I know the people involved are totally clueless to the existence of this here confession, and that relieves me enough to document what dirty laundry needs to be aired out.

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