Friday, August 15, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering Why I Slowed Down With the Reviews

**If you look at it closely, there is some sort of a moral buried here somewhere.

My horror reviews simmered at seventeen.

I could have said peaked, but I didn't, on account of I'm still desensitized myself and am seeking greater pleasure elsewhere. I could have said "My horror reviews peaked at seventeen," but I didn't. I said simmered, and there is still a big difference. Diction is key, and no, don't be stupid with your "why the fuck is this fag talking about diction when I ain't hearing him fake the American accent none."

See here, according to Mr Webster:

There is a horror behind this recession slash hiatus. It came to a point when I needed to have a pen and some paper BEFORE I even plug the DVD in because I'm looking out for some clever epiphany in the course of my viewing pleasure. It was necessary, because I needed to collect my clever and these details in writing. So I needed to have a pen and something to write with while I'm watching some horror flick. They say I look cute when I multi-task.

Anyway, that's how I get things done, and the way things were done was becoming mighty tiring. It became more of a task than a pleasant distraction, and it takes the fun out of watching a horror movie because, back then, I was thinking of writing a kick ass review. Seventeen reviews later, and I'm still mighty sore as a consequence.

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  1. i wonder if i look cute when i multi-task

    by the way, i hope you're sore (other than being review sore) for THE better reason :-)



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