Saturday, July 26, 2008

Of Shallow Posts and Wet Blankets

**Presenting... a bitch fit.

I wouldn't go nowhere near you if I wanted to have a good time. That's barring lame sexual innuendo, because your shallow sense of humor's probably beginning to come up with something corny in a few minutes, maybe five because you're not much of a quick wit. You can try the picture on the left. I placed it there to help you crack a really fantastic comeback of an insult.

Eat your heart out genius. And no, that dude in the picture looks nowhere near like me.

You're no fun. Really. You have to know this now before its too late. See, your idea of a good time is stripping people down behind their backs, inciting paranoia, catalysing factions, provoking really pointless arguments, being two faced, and very VERY dull jokes. So you'd understand, hopefully, why your opinion regarding this matter isn't really much of a priority. You wouldn't know fun if you were fucking it.

Hell, you wouldn't know shit from a hole in the ground.

There are people like you out there, so this isn't really something specific. Or special. I'm saying that as a disclaimer, because its very highly possible that, at this point, you're thinking this post is about you. Conceit's a funny indulgence, might as well be the ONLY funny however humorless thing you're capable of.

Where were you when that boat sank? Wish you were there. Wish you all were. I'd like that.


  1. that guys looks like most of the guys from the province.

  2. i do get bored quite easily so i steer clear from people with thick sense of humour.
    i might end up like 'the joker' and carve a smile off their faces... not really. (laughs like a maniac)

  3. i'm funny! :-)

    mel, tel abyss what she said is not so Nice, although its true hehe



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