Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Horror Movie Review #18: See No Evil

Directed By: Gregory Dark

Release Date: 19 May 2006 (USA)

Running Time: 84 minutes

Language: English
Horror Type: Psycho Mama's Boy Killers
Sex? - A bit
Gore? - Yes

World Wrestling Federation superstar Kane kills off a group of delinquents in this barely-there slasher flick that's as tired as they get. He's this towering hulk of evil intent that uses the strength of his fingers to pop out his victim's eyeballs. Why? So they see no evil. Get it? Anyway, it can be argued that he does this all in the name of Jesus; this mama's boy had a severely Christian upbringing which, ironically, caused him to gouge eyeballs in his adulthood. Twisted? Not really. I mean, not enough for a real horror movie.

He used to do choke slams and tombstones when he was a wrestler. He gouges eyeballs out as serial killer. You'd hope they transitioned him well as a psychotic super murderer, but no.

Momel's Rating: 3/5

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