Thursday, August 21, 2008

Momel's Horror Quiz Part 1

**I devised this quiz myself, and, being the sore enthusiast that I still am, I know all the answers by heart. This is how some geeks are conceived.

Click on the link at the bottom for the answers.

1. In which episode were the Crypt Keeper's parents revealed? And what's his mother's show name? His father?

2. What chemical caused zombies to reanimate in Return of the Living Dead?

3. In the Resident Evil series, which private company was responsible for the annihilation of Raccoon City?

4. Who said "They're coming to get you, Barbara!"

5. Who was the hero in the Army of Darkness series?

6. Who played Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned?

7. What is the name of the Queen of the Damned?

8. Who was the Devil who possessed Regan in "The Exorcist?"

9. Who played Regan MacNeill in "The Exorcist"

10. Jason Voorhees was supposedly drowned as a kid in which summer camp?

11. Who gave his voice to animate the CryptKeeper puppet?

12. What do you call Pinhead's minions in the Hellraiser series?

13. Which toymaker designed and created the puzzlebox which trapped Pinhead and his minions?

14. Which actor played Freddie Kruegger?

And here are your answers:
1. Episode: Lower Berth. His Parents: Myrna the Mummy (his mommy...) and Enoch the Two Faced Man (his pa)
2. That chemical compound is Trioxin. Of course you didn't know that.
3. Umbrella Corp.
4. It was a famous line delivered by her brother, Johnny. He died.
5. Ash, played by the infamous Bruce Campbell. Personally, the Jim Carrey of B Movies.
6. Aaliyah. God bless her sweet soul.
7. Queen Akasha kicks ass with her sexy demonic dancing and her ability to will any vampire to spontaneous combustion.
8. Pazuzu. How do I know all these? Well, I just do. He hee
9. Linda Blair. And it was her most famous role, too.
10. Camp Crystal Lake. Drowning almost did him when he fought Freddie Kruegger in Freddie VS Jason.
11. John Kassir. You can't miss that name when you've watched the first three seasons twice.
12. The Cenobites were a very interesting crew of deformed demons who pledged allegiance to Pinhead after he's had his way with their mortal bodies. They're mortal no more
13. Philippe Le Marchand. Sexy name.
14. Robert Englund. I also love love him and his Southern Accent in the remake of 2001 Maniacs.


  1. 6, 9, 14, got em right... no google... i suck


  2. He hee @ Bry

    Thanks for answering!




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