Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I might be making the wrong analogy, but

Being with him is liking smoking in the bathroom. Most especially when you're in a home that's almost totally smoke-free. Granted, you're threatening the air they breathe with the second hand smoke, but man !, it feels so good when you're taking a shit.

You wanna know where this "a-ha! moment" took place?

Make a wild guess.

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19 Hours With the FuBu
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  1. we should not start counting, but it seems that its been going on for 6 months. hmm... have you been loyal? hehe

  2. sweet! i've been waiting for a new post and finally you're back. i so love the post on the FuBu. hmmm... somebody's having a truly merry christmas ha. :)

  3. momel, bobo mode ata ako at di ko na gets yung post, either that or bobo talaga ako

    basta, merry christmas ha!


  4. mel dearie, so.. u guys live together nba??? where??? where did it take place???

    come, on! spill it!

    Jeezaz, smoking while "downloading" is one of the best things in life!! harhar!

    Merry Xmas dear.. and to you too Bryan.

    Sige na nga.. pati sa lahat ng friends ni momel..


    namiss na kita! love u!

  5. hey @ Absss

    Yup, you can say that. I've been, and still am, loyal to him. That explains why there's the reference to the tattoo post/blog soup.


    He hee @ Kawadjan

    So you've been waiting for a new post pala ha! I'm working on this other post before Christmas, way beyond myself with the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. You'll see.


    Hey! @ Bry

    Merry Christmas to you too!


    And I miss you too! @ Devilish

    We don't live together yet. Sad, but we have to make room for, uhm, some other things. But I'm still well prepared; it's still going to happen!

    We're still together pa naman, so I think that counts for something too.

    I love you too. And Merry Christmas everybody!


  6. wow, bilib naman ako. nakahanap ka na ba ng tsinelas mo?

    merry christmas!!

  7. hahaha.

    happy holidays, momel! :)

  8. There's a lot of hidden codes and messages in here to rival Dan Brown's yet to be written literary opus.

    'Conversation to prolonged vowel sounds' may be the new tongue speak. Suddenly, smoking in the bathroom made a lot of sense. I had to read the whole four other chapters to ravel out the mystery though.

    Now I can understand why it feels so good. It's like taking a shower on Sabbath. Blasphemous stuff, but I love it.

  9. hey momel!

    hindi ko rin gets yung post mo. haha!

    merry christmas!

    tapos na ang taon, wala pa rin yung tequila shots natin =p

  10. Merry Xmas!!!!!!!!

    Kahit di ganon ka merry.. :(

    Luv yah!

  11. that's what i also feel everytime i hear cristy fermin saying 'eric santos is not gay. bite me, maui taylor!"

  12. A-ha! I seem to be getting something, but I can't quite figure it out.


    Happy Holidays, Momel! :)

  13. Devilicious misses u!!!9:41 PM

    Happy 2007 Dear!!!! Missed u! Muwahs!!!

  14. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Momel dear!!! Tagal ko di nakadalaw dito ah! :)

    Kumusta ka na? Glad to hear you're still together. Akala ko pa naman you painted your room blue na ;)

    Have a fruitful year ahead! God bless!

  15. my wild guess.....pool table?
    Happy New Year mah fren!
    Merry Christmas too!

  16. AY, It has been too long now!

    Thanks everybody for still dropping by! I missed you all! Allow me to make no mention of the seasons greetings and pleasantries, because, honestly, at this point, it will all go as a bad case of very bad timing.


  17. Anonymous7:34 PM

    hi mowhmehl! la ka na chatbox so dito na lang ha. miss you na ning. been through a lot lately. will tell everything on my next blog
    :-) ciao!

    *can't log in..waahhh!!!



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