Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rustom is My New Darna

**And the tears during your confession? You barely came out, and you're already a drama queen!

Carmina, yung bato!Sweet tap-dancing mother of Christ, you wouldn't believe what I just heard on TV the other day. It was so terribly ground breaking, them PHILVOLCS people didn't see it coming. It was so freaking out of this world, Robert L. Ripley didn't believe it. It was so fundamentally impossible, Newton couldn't explain it. It was never broadcasted in TV Patrol, but it sure as hell was news to me.

Rustom Padilla admitted to being gay.

It's not exactly him stating the obvious. I mean, I really had no idea that he was gay. Not even an inkling. Not even a freakin' clue! So I was naturally alarmed/shocked/aghast when he went on ahead to pronounce his actual sexual orientation! I was so shocked, they might as well revive me with, well, electric... shock... therapy. I was so alarmed that I started doubting my time-tested gaydar; I could've sworn it failed me that time.

But wait! There's more! If the first piece of unbelievable news didn't raise one of your eyebrows, then this sure as hell will.

Rustom Padilla admitted to being gay in national television. While he was in the Big Brother House. While he was/is a nominee for eviction.

Props and two snaps in a circle to you, Rustom Padilla! Your sense of timing couldn't have been more perfect! Recall that he was already a nominee for eviction when this confession was made. It made me thinking, and this is only little old me thinking out loud, that he's appealing to the gay masses out there to vote for him. I mean, who else would better appreciate his "courage" to admit to his homosexuality but us birds of the same feather?

Maybe he thinks that his announcement would summon enough votes from sympathetic homosexuals out there. Maybe he was thinking that if he had enough votes, then he wouldn't have to leave the House at all. Maybe he was thinking that if he stayed in the house long enough, then he'd have more time to hit on either Zanjoe or Christian. Maybe he was following Uma's footsteps, thinking that PBB needed another homosexual representative. But whatever his motive was, I sure hope to gay hell that this carreer move will make television's new fairy fly higher. But the shock element of it all still pokes fun at my gay self for not being able to detect it in the first place.

I never make it a habit to abuse my punctuation marks, but damn!!! This was completely unexpected, and altogether unbelievable that the right word for it hasn't made Webster's yet.
However that could have happened is just beyond possible. But then, we all heard it straight from the horse's mouth.

Rustom? Gay???

You do understand that I'm just practicing my sarcasm, right?


  1. For some reason... I was never shocked by this revelation from Rustom. I kind of knew that he is indeed a friend of Dorothy ever since. But I'm happy for the poor guy for letting the sunshine into his life finally... and that don't mean being a religious person... if you know what I mean.


  2. i never got to watch PBB. have not been able to watch any Pinoy TV at all for 1.7 years now, actually. but i still believe that Rustom's admission is all for show.



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