Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jealous Contempt in Shades of Flaming Gay Pink

So I was browsing through Friendster profiles this one time, right? And I was, like, so wowed by the absolute injustice wrought by this one Gay Dude's profile. He had a lover. He was in a relationship. He has a boyfriend.

I'm not talking about a lover that's not necessarily God's gift to gay men. He looks okay at the very most, but This Boyfriend was a hunk so tolerably delicious that it makes me want to take a cold shower. Twice. And This Boyfriend's gay too, so Gay Dude's happily engaged in the perfect homosexual relationship anywhere.

And they had pictures everywhere! There was this picture of them two cheek to cheek in bed. Sweet, huh? And there was this shot of them in their barongs in some family event. The two of them were sharing a couple's photo. In their barongs. In some family event. Very nice. And there was this picture of them having lunch sharing a spoon and a fork. For the two of them.

I was looking over these pictures with a growing longing and fondness, and then I noticed something real bad in these pictures. I'm suddenly reminded of why this is so unfair to begin with.

Gay dude's face brings back early childhood memories of me watching Jun Urbano's Mongolian Barbecue. He had a face which, for some very obvious reason, snaps out an instant recollection of Mr. Shooli's assistant. Kuhol. He was short, and he was dark, and he had this mouth which would win him any horse race. It's not that he's "nagmamaganda" in his pictures, but he was happy in most of the pictures showing him and his boyfriend. And that's just cruel. I mean, I'm not unattractive, and I'm almost always "getting some," but I never had a picture as a part of a couple. I've always wanted that, and with all this "cool" working for me, I always expected that I'd get there eventually. But no.

Kuhol gets to have the time of his life doing couple shots with his perfectly sculptured boyfriend. And here I am at home blogging about it. So you'd understand why I'm writing this with a whole hell of jealous contempt. If I'm all that and then some, then how come somebody else gets the happiness that I think I deserve?


  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    the cruelty of it all. Kuhol gets to be lovey dovey on pics with this hunkalicious guy and not you? baka may value for money ang usapan? hayy. buhay. have you ever read the "atrocities of friendster?" la lang. somebody that ugly (kuhol like) should be featured there.
    si contessa to. nakalimutran ko lang username ko. hehehhe

  2. never trust a handsome hunky gay guy... NEVER

    they can NEVER resist the buffet



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