Friday, January 31, 2014

How to Say Sawadee Ka!

The beautiful Lucy Sandy Shanghai. 
Lucy Sandy Shanghai is this nearly-there Thai trans-woman (transsexual, transvestite, transgender... ah, these concepts are giving me an aneurysm, screw political correctness), and he proved to me that the Gay Inflection could be universal.  He, well she, again screw political correctness, has this series of cute videos that are jump started by her signature Sawadee Ka! Sawadee Ka is Thai for Hello. What a useful phrase to remember. Anyway, Ka is gender specific. Men say "krap," so that's Sawadee Krap, and women say "ka," therefore Sawadee Ka! Lucy has transitioned over to the female persuasion, so Sawadee Ka is an absolute, indisputable given that screws political correctness. Twice. 

Lucy's "Sa" is high-pitched, throaty, an has a characteristic lisp. Thaa. "Wa" sounded like "haaa." The "w" was really a crossdressing "h," and the "a," there were three of them in my ears, could last a lifetime. Haaa. "Dee" was pronounced as is, and would have gone unnoticed if it wasn't for Ms Shanghai's delicious inflection. Dee. "Ka" was "kahhh" and sounded like... what you would sound like if... Imagine you were strangling yourself for a minute, or at least until you're close to fainting. You let go a few seconds before blacking out, and you are now gasping for air. And then you go for it. Go on. Kahhh. 

Taken as a whole, the lovely Ms Shanghai's "Sawadee Ka" would be an octave higher. It will be throaty and nasal at the same time, and it will have you maimed and punched and mobbed and bludgeoned to within an inch of your life if you weren't as cute as she is. Having said that, let us give it a go.

No, wait, here's a link to one of those videos I was referring to earlier. Use this as a guide. 

Sawadee Ka! 


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