Sunday, August 07, 2011

Suppose You Found Yourself In This Mess

**I'm blogging less frequently these days because a certain friend is in quite an alarming situation. And I'm a good friend.

I have this friend, and he's been seeing this punk for two weeks now. The punk's sweet, I'll give him that, and I remember my friend telling me how this punk makes him feel a whole lot like a natural woman. They are not officially a couple, my friend says, and he presents, in his defense, the following evidence:

1. They just met. This means they're barely a few weeks old.
2. He's not that into this punk. This punk pursued him first. He might pursue him back, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
3. He still moving on. His other friends told him he hasn't completely let go, and this confuses him.
4. He can get used to this punk's charming efforts, but he isn't attracted to him yet.

The bottomline is that they are not a couple, not yet, but their first week was the height of blood curdling sweetness. It makes me cringe just to think about it, but it's a nice kind of cringe.

My friend was getting curious after the first week. So what he did was he checked this punk's Facebook profile, and he found out that this punk is in a relationship with a certain Hannah. This punk has a girlfriend, still has, and what my friend did was he sent this punk an artillery of text messages telling this punk to lay off. My friend has a certain flair for words, so I gather those messages delivered the simultaneously nonchalant and smiling "we can be super, but this isn't going to happen" idea.

He got these messages a few minutes after. I suppose I can show you a sampling because he showed me those messages, and I have access to his cellphone now.

1. Puwede namang hindi tayo magbago kahit may nalaman ka sa akin diba? Nasa sa iyo naman yun kung maggi-give up ka na eh. (4-Aug-2011 14:23:35)

2. Puwede namang walang magbago sa atin eh. Kaya ko naman ibigay yung time para sa yo. Nag give up ka naman agad. Kung talagang ginive up mo na, sayang talaga. (4-Aug-2011 14:33:35)

My friend was getting ready to get to the office the next morning, he's got the kinkiest work shift, when this punk told him he's coming over. And he did. And he brought with him this insane bag of confessions that totally messed up my friend.

1. They're not married.
2. They've been together for three years now.
3. They have a kid, a one year old kid.
4. His girlfriend knows about my friend.
5. She found out through those text messages my friend has been sending this punk during the course of their first week.
6. She doesn't mind.
7. She doesn't mind.
8. She knows about them, and she doesn't mind. She's okay with the two of them just as long as her punk isn't womanizing.
9. What the hell, right?

My friend told me that he was, for the first time in his life, unless he's just being a hardcore drama fag, that he's never been that speechless before. I remember him telling me how he wasn't able to digest everything that this punk told him. I remember him telling me how he was in a daze, how he was a blurred mess in the office. He had a lot of sleep before this punk's confession, but he looked like he could use some more sleep later that day.

This punk's live in partner, Hannah, the mother of his one year old kid, knows about the two of them. And she doesn't mind as long as he's not womanizing. Yes, this is authorized cheating. What the goddamn fuck, right? What the hell is with this spin shit? Motherfucker, how screwed up can you get? And will somebody please ass fuck this shit?

Understand that I'm cursing on my friend's behalf.

They were drinking yesterday evening, my friend and the punk, and the punk received the interrogation of his life from my friend's greatest ally, The Great Homo Overbeing, The Ultimate House Mother, and I recall the punk asking The Great Homo Overbeing this:

Bakit, ayaw mo ba sa akin para sa kanya?

What the goddamn fuck, right? What the hell is with this spin shit? Motherfucker, how screwed up can you get? And will somebody please ass fuck this shit?

Understand that I'm cursing on my friend's behalf.

There is too much to tell, and I shall report with truth to the letter, but I will need to wait for my friend to get back to his senses and figure everything out. He did tell me one thing, something about just waiting for his birthday to be celebrated, and then he'll give me something delicious to tell.


  1. Ah, from the very first paragraph I could tell who this 'friend' was.

    I don't know what to say. Good luck, maybe? Wirdo ni Hannah? Pero ang ganda ng pangalan nya. Hannah. Parang virgin na virgin. Hahahahaha.

    Excuse me, sabog lang.

  2. orally5:44 AM

    So This Is How It Feels Like
    Full Stop

    Bisyo! NKKLK

  3. Wha tha fah?!

    Hopefully your boytoy in the previous post aint like your friend' sakit-sa-bangs boytoy in this post.


  4. Ok, there are just so many details to know who this friend is... :-)

    good luck to both of them. thing is, your friend can deny he isn't in love, but his actions tell otherwise.

  5. punk's ephemeral. 'nuff said.

  6. mga lalake nga naman, gusto nasa kanila lahat. kaloka

  7. what the fuck nga...
    hindi ko alam ang icocomment..parang wala namang problema pero parang may mali...
    kung ano desisyon ng kaibigan mo yun na yun.ahahhaha
    ingat lang..baka may face to face ni amy.lols

  8. Kaya I don't want myself to get caught in that kindda mess...



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