Saturday, October 09, 2010

Blog Soup #10: The Taxi Driver and Freddie Aguilar, Khie-Khie Pai, and Thank You Goes a Long Way!

The first thing I asked that taxi driver was if he had change for five hundred pesos. He said he did. And then he paused, look at my face, and said "Kamukha mo si Freddie Aguilar." (You look like Freddie Aguilar.)

I was screaming in my head, Ibaba mo ko! Ibaba mo ko! Freddie Aguilar ka pa, syet!!! But I didn't, because I was ten minutes away from getting late. And besides, that made for a validation. See, I sometimes call myself Freddie Anne Curtis Aguilar Barretto for kicks, and so that comment really didn't offend. And it was a funny story, too, so I really don't mind. There's nothing painful about it, Kuya Eddie, and I even gave that driver seventy pesos for a sixty peso drive.

I was doing research for a set of Trivia Questions¹ when I discovered this most curious, unheard of puppet in that all-time childhood favorite Batibot. Her name's Khie-khie Pay, and here's her Wikipedia Entry

Khie-Khie Pai, a Bruha orWitch (Reseth Neniel) who, flies at midnight with her broomstick. She is fond of doing VOODOO, playing with her favorite voodoo doll named JC her crush known as Bhu-bhu Yhug.

Khie-Khie Pay. That would have been my drag queen alter ego, and I can either be Khie-Khie or Khie Pay, and I'll start using it now because it sounds fantastic either way. That's too good a name, it's more than a steal, it's a snatch. Also, that can be my American Name, on the phone, while I'm at that kinky night job. I can hear it now -- "Hi this is Khie-Khie, how can I help you today? Whaddaya mean where am I located? I'm the happiest place on earth."

The Afternoon With Jessica Zafra post was responsible for two days of unprecedented page loads. Thanks to Madame Zafra for allowing the shameless self promotion in her comments, and to Glentot for the link, to those wonderful people in my Facebook network who took the time to humor that shout out, and to those amazing bloggers in my roll.

You should know my panties are wet with tears right about now. But seriously, thanks and cheers you all!

¹I love those snippets of unneccessary information that you don't really need, but you like knowing just the same because they are reminiscent. What was the name of She-Ra's horse? Of He-Man's tiger? Of that forgetful fortune teller in Batibot? Which Bioman died? You know the drill, and yes, this is a project I'm working on.


  1. momelia!! go kwizbee pa tayo sa confe! hahaha! labya! mwah!

    -khaye aka "uge"! hahaha!

  2. ang gandang name nga non..kikipay o kipay,ahahaha

    pahulaan kontest..sure na sure bokya ako dyan...minsan nga nakakalimutan ko na mga name ng mga eks ko eh! ahahaha

  3. Freddie Aguilar! Haha. Pasensya na, natawa ako ng bonggang bongga. Hihi. :p Hindi man lang nya kinonsider na maging kamukha mo si Tado? Peace yo. :p

    I know a lot of people who would be jealous that you got the chance to spend time with J. Zafra. Lucky you!

  4. Khie Khie Aguilar sounds better. Or Freddie Pai?

  5. BWAHAHAHA!!! miss yah!! :D

  6. je said...

    BWAHAHAHA!!! miss yah!! :D

    Well well well, look do we have here! @ wickedmoonlight

    Hi fren! Yan na sinasabi ko, pati si Manong Driver eh ni confirm na ang pagka-Freddie ko! Ahaha! Tamaa, more kwizbee more fun, sana lang eh mag pang-abot tayo noh?

    Ahaha @ Ms Pokwang

    Madali lang to, tipong "Panahon Ko To," pero hindi ka-cheapan kasi walang patawang Luis Manzano at Billy Crawford. At ito ay may puso at Omega 3.

    Ahaha, oo naman! @ Vajarl

    Kahit ako naloka, lalo na nung binirit na ni manong yung punchline. Walang abog abog eh, pamatay ung delivery, wala kasing malisha! Fotah yan! Ahaha!

    Or! @ Lyka Bergen

    I was thinking somewhere along the lines of, at least, his barely talented daughter Megan. That will do, sure, but I had to be Freddie. Ahaha!

    And I miss you too! @ Totoy Bato...toh...toh

    Yun lang, I miss you fren. Bow. Ahaha!

    Cheers you all! Thanks for dripping by! I LOVE YOU LONG TIME! TWO DOLLA LONG LONG TIME!

  7. Aarrgghh Darn you Batibot! I thought I was the first one to come up with that name for my friend, Khikhi Pie!!!

    And you're welcome...

  8. It seems to me! @ Glentot

    that you have this wonderful knack for name-calling. That's a gift, you see, and it will do you good to hold on to that.

    Ahaha, cheers you!

  9. gawin mo nalang Kepay Aguilar....aahhaa..prang porn star!!ahhahahaha

  10. Hi @ Ultimate Survivor Maldito

    Puwede! Pero ang problema lang eh meron na kong porn name, at yan ay, wait for it, Pussy Kamagong!

    Cheers you!

  11. but isn't khie-khie pay gay slang for... never mind. i'm not supposed to know anything about those things. lol

    and statcounter ka rin? i soo love them. nakaka-obsess nga lang paminsan.

  12. Hello! @ Citybuoy

    You might be referring to kipay which is, yeah, slang for vagina. And you should know these things! We should champion our vernacular! Spread the word!

    and statcounter ka rin? ...nakaka-obsess nga lang paminsan.

    Have been using this tool since week one, and I'm sure glad I did because those numbers tell us something. Amen to what you said about it being occasionally obsessive.

    Cheers you!

  13. I'm sooo there with the Khie-Khie Pai. I just wish it has a butch counterpart, though Bhu-Yhug is a good start. Forgive me, I'm just so paminta sometimes. :)

  14. Ahaa @ Manech

    Que sera sera, live and let live, paminta is as paminta does and all that creamy goodness. But what's keeping you and your updates, Manech? 33's a week back!

    Oi, we pushing forward with the meet?


    Cheers you!

  15. Yes we will Momel. I'm all for meeting you, Khie Pai. :)

    I was just überbusy the past few days, and will be the whole week. I'm transitioning into a new work and finishing a super delayed project.

    Are you free the Sunday after this? Oct 24? Ayokong paimportante pero talagang hirap ako sa sched eh.

  16. Oi, talk about prompt! @ Manech

    Don't sweat it, keep yourself together because we will meet, by and by. Relax lang! Just let me know when you're really available, and then we'll go from there. The last thing I want to be is somebody else's unnecessary concern, so just take your sweet, sweet time.

    Yes, I am free Sundays, and I'm thinking of things we can do. What do gay bloggers do when they meet? Any of you other bloggers interested in going?

  17. Hmm.. The bit about khie khie pai in that wikipedia article looks suspicious. May nakasingit pang pangalan.

  18. Kikimu momel. Haha! Peace.

  19. Hm @ Ex Jason

    Now that you mentioned it... but then, what a darling prank if it turned out to be one! And I'm still getting first dibs on Khie Khie Pay as some sort of handle.

    Hey! @ Pat

    Ahaha, I wish.

    Cheers you both! I love you long time! Two dolla long long time!

  20. khie khie pai for the win! hahaha



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