Monday, August 09, 2010

This Is Exactly What You Need, Stupid

**It's either this or a punch in the face, right?

I think he's better off there than here, and that's for all the sound reasons. Primary of which will be this - It will put all your delusions to a fucking screeching halt, stop it dead in its tracks, and that will allow the rest of your life and all its lower expectations to crawl along like nothing hopeful happened to it in 2004. Think of it as the long overdue euthanasia that you so unknowingly deserved for even letting things happen in the first place. And what makes it better, delicious even, is that I know he'll make it. He's far too good for this messy third world hole and its Goddamn Plumbing, and he Deserves to go out there and get himself a skip in his step. I'm all in. I see no real advantage; this make believe love story that's going on in your head will never come to fruition anyway. I'd much rather he get all the chips because he deserves it, all of it, and I pray him an ounce of greed so that he becomes mindless of The Unnecessary Distraction that's he's entertaining because he's just too much of a gentleman in the first place.

You, on the other hand, get yourself out there. You'll be thirty soon.


  1. hey hey! what's up, goin' on?!

  2. Oi! @ Je

    This is Me, Me, and this Fantastic Guy that's more like the Sun for all the right reasons. Well, basically because he's Beyond Reach. And there's more drama in the pot.

    Cheers, and Thanks for Dropping By!



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