Saturday, April 24, 2010

Goddamn Power Bill

**Well fuck them all.

I saw it in the news. The reason why MERALCO enraged all us common folk, and the rich people too, with an uprecedented increase in our recent bill was because they "purchased an expensive kind of electricity" with which to address our necessities. Bullshit. Aside from the heart attack charges that were incurred, my television set still gave me poor programming, my digibox was still a distinct refreshment from all that poor programming, my electric fans still gave me the humid kind of air it was dispersing since February, and my DVDs are still playing pirated copies. What the fuck is so different with their "special electricity" that justified those charges?

If I took a fork, a wet fork, and stuck it in one of my 220v outlets while holding on to it, will I die any differently? Why would I do something like that, you ask? It is for the same reason that drove those fools at MERALCO to shop for expensive electricity and then drive us mad us with the recent billing statement.

If it weren't for the killer bill to look forward to at the end of the month, I'm seriously considering an electrocution.

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