Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Gaydar Kicks Your Gaydar's Ass. And It Has WiFi.

**This isn't about taking care of your gaydar, but feel free to write about it in your own time. Oh, my friend doesn't look nowhere near like the picture I used.

I have this friend I call Horsefrog, and he just recently came out of the closet earlier this year. So we were having an argument in the cab, this newly out friend of mine, and we were trying to determine this other guy's sexual orientation. I was resolute, "Hindi bakla yun noh! (No, he's not gay) ." Horsefrog, on the other hand, was all too keen on the contradiction, "Hindi, bakla talaga yun! (Yes, he's gay!)"

I'm not having none of this, and so I was like:

"Paano mo naman nasabing hindi siya bakla, eh kung ikaw nga last year hindi mo alam na bakla ka? (How can you tell he's not gay, when you didn't know you were gay this time last year?)"

And that is how Horsefrog exploded in a mouthful of expletives.

Picture taken from The Work of Josh Culberson.


  1. Ngangay! hahaha!

    i'm beginning to brand all unearthly creatures..'Horsefrogs'...thanks to you, my friend! haha!

    see yah at work!

    oh and may i just add...i love your site! :D

  2. hello, momel. long time, no read :p

  3. Hahaa @ JehrJehr

    Thanks for dropping by! Dropping talaga, parang bird dropping. Tae ng lovebirds! Hahaa, muah!

    Hello hello! @ Kris

    I'm still posting! And I will be adding you up in my roll! Thanks for coming back!

  4. kilala ko ba si horsefrog?



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