Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Horror Movie Review #36: Population 436

Directed By: Michelle Maxwell MacLaren (Kyle XY, Law and Order SVU)
Year Released: 2006
Running Time: 92 mins
Language: English
Horror Type: Crazytown. Lavet.
Sex? - Two to three minutes of the most passe sex scenes out there.
Gore? - Not even.

Rockwell Falls is this backwards, isolated town with a population constant of 436. Which is the same count as it was in the 1860s when they're at their most prosperous. They elected to maintain that constant through the years at all costs necessary, even if they had to resort to the occasional lobotomy and trepanation. It's this singularly super-weird town where everybody knows your name and bids you good day. Every day. And the kids are not as much as educated than they are indoctrinated with the phrases solidarity and steadfastness, and that the population will never stray away from that constant.

They have this reset button just in case the inevitable number 437 happens. They hold this Festival whenever somebody new ups the population constant. The festival host isn't much of a host as she is an equalizer. She hangs herself on the day of the festival to return the constant to 436. And then they celebrate the normalcy with a happy banquet that's punctuated with dancing and pie.

Steve Kady's this guy from the Census Bureau, an average kind of feller who puts two and two together and determines Rockwell Falls to be decidedly a townful of nuts.

I give it a 3/5.


  1. 3/5..well..not bad. might check it out. haha! lavet!

  2. Oh you should! @ Jehrjehr!

    It's the semi ultimate in gross!
    It's not "Teeth," but it's got the same strangeness to it.

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