Monday, February 23, 2009

The Alarming Sudden-ness that is Bebe.

**I wouldn't write this now if it weren't for you, Sis. No really, I'm referring to an off line sibling, and I'm not being chummy with the object of this post.

We should call it Silly-pines because everything here's getting increasingly ridiculous. They have thieving fools in the governance, and they get away with buttfucking us tax payers off of our hard earned cash. We have imbecile recording artists reviving random songs taken from some karaoke songbook and compiling them in some 450-peso brainshit album. We have Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda. And we have Bebe Gandanghari.

He used to be the dashing Rustom Padilla once upon a time, but the fagged out Bebe elected to kill that action star to give way to some aging drag queen that's as heavy on the act as he is on the blush on. That fag's mainly the point of this post, and I just wanted to pitch in the "Silly-pines" crap because I thought it sounded cute. But when you think about it, there is something agreeable with us being the "pearl of the orient." I mean, how fittingly appropriate for us to be compared to something that's created out of irritation. Which is all the more irritable now because of the unnecessary and unrelenting publicity on yet another faggot.

So he looks smashing enough for both genders, but that's immaterial. Irrelevant, even, because what makes this borderline indigestible display of new found gayness is that he seems to be enjoying it too much. Which is okay and all, but he used to be The dashing Rustom Padilla. I'm still looking for some sort of ceremonial gesture that'll mark his transition for what its worth: a burning of the closet mayhaps, or a long bath maybe to rid himself of the smell of mothballs and cramped space, or he can choose to burn Rustom Padilla "in effigy." Just give us something, anything to celebrate this moment, because that very fake moment in the Big Brother house don't count for shit; we were well aware you're a nominee for eviction. And you're just appealing to sympathy.

My problem with that is I'm not seeing none of it. I mean, what newly out gay guy is THAT flamboyant all of a sudden? My issue with Bebe is that I still can't get over his imaginary transition from Rustom to Bebe. If there was any to begin with. All I remember was that he came out in the Big Brother's closet, and he's suddenly this irritable drag act in the span of a year.

What's the rush? I mean, is he catching up for lost time? Because if he is, then Eric Quizon's got a lot of work to do.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha! Pramis gusto ko mahulog sa silya ko. Landi kse ng ungas na yun eh. Kairita. Hehe.

    Btw, at some point or some angle rather, this Rustom-now-transformed-to-Bebe looks like his ex-wife Carmina. Don't you agree? He probably (and secretly) got some makeup tips from her during those times that he was "pretending" to be some hot kind of guy. :)

    Thanks again sis. Among the number of persons that I know who would make a comment on some people esp that of Bebe, your opinion (or harsh judgment) counts the most. Naks! ;)

  2. i dunno. i like bebe. i think she's hilarious. everything might look "rushed" to the public but what do we know? maybe he's been like that for a long time . hehe. :D

  3. Awww @ Sis

    Diba para naman talagang inapura ni bakla ung pagladlad niya? Just my two cents.

    Hmm @ Toxic Disco Boy

    My concern, really, is that it's all too rushed. The gayness hasn't sinked in yet, and now this?

    Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Nice blog!

    This has been nominated for rainbow blog of the week!

    check the link

  5. i think it is not rush... it have been some time already since he came out in national television...

    i could still get goosebumps whenever i remember how was it when he said "di ako masamang tao," over and over again, as if convincing the world and himself...

    and now we have Bebe Gandanghari... i guess he have finally convinced himself na hinde siya masamang tao... and that i want to be happy for him...

    the thing is... we are sharing the same sentiments... we can't get over Rustom Padilla... the hot and dashing Rustom Padilla!

    Bebe tells us he is dead and from the ashes she rouse... but we want Rustom... not her... and as much as we don't want this fact... we are stuck with her... thus the denial... but she keeps on rubbing it to our faces... thus the irritation...

  6. What I'm saying is @ Lexan

    that he never went through the gay kid stage that shaped most of us fags into what we are now. We are now well mannered homosexuals who would never be that flamboyant all of a sudden. That is because we went through several life changing moments that shaped our characters well. What I'm saying is that he never went through most of those changes, and this is why I think it was rushed.

    It is rushed. And that's what I'm saying.



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