Monday, February 09, 2009

Horror Movie Review # 32: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

**Possession movies rule!

Directed By:Scott Derrickson
Release Date: September 9, 2005

Running Time: 119 minutes
Language: English
Horror Type: Demon Possession
Sex? - No need.
Gore? - Supernatural athletics?

This film is sooo BOSS: who could've thought you can present a recorded exorcism ritual as evidence in a court of law? And I'm telling you, Reagan (Linda Blair) has got nothing on Emily (Jennifer Carpenter); she only had one demon, Pazuzu, possessing her, whereas Emily Rose had seven demons gang banging her body into possession. We have Lucifer in the roster, too, which makes it all the more super. If you're a fan of horror films based on true stories, then you should have The Exorcism of Emily Rose in your DVD collection.

Momel's Rating: 4/5

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