Saturday, May 12, 2007

Remembering Obsessions

**I'm sure you guys have those little things that kept you busy at one point. Games and hobbies which made you eight years old again for at least a day or two. And then you went on ahead to graduate to better pre-occupations; you learned to masturbate. And what you have left, in the wake of your increasingly horny preoccupations, next to your growing collection of porn, is this boxful of boardgames and pretty pictures in little cards, stashed away to double as pretty dust collectors with sentimental value.

1. Magic the Gathering = This refreshes my memory as a mathematician in training. My battlefield was Lopez Canteen in UST, somewhere in P. Noval. It's got nerds and geeks and a good serving of male stink. Ahhh, what fresh hell is this?

2. Monopoly = It's a childhood memory associated with noisy scheming. Add a little bit of trash talking, some money laundering, and a whole hell of red tape, and you've got this two to three hour race to conquer Park Avenue. Honestly, that Amazing Race stint has got nothing on us.

3. Bingo = We don't bet much, but we're praying like it's the freaking lottery. Plus, it moonshines as a refresher to what pop culture we have left.

4. Console Gaming
= I still remember how you get the thirty lives in Super Contra and the hundred lives in Super Mario Brothers. Last game I played was Final Fantasy 12 at home, and I'm actually thinking of tattooing the symbols in the Playstation D-Pad.

I was evolving my Pokemon Mankey into a Primeape on the GBA this last New Year's Eve. And it did on the first fifteen minutes of 2007.

5. Nope, no Barbie dolls in this gay guy's childhood.


  1. i have to admit i loved playing bingo

    as in i have to make takas pa from my lola just to play with kapit bahay...

    did you have to memorize the number equivalents like: 35 is baliw, 1 is snake, 7 is sungkit, 25 is pasko etc...

  2. I played bingo when i was in elementary. all the kids (and adult) of our compound are gathered in a house. mostly during summer breaks.

    and oh, i did play the barbie. mom bought it. hahahahaha

  3. been playing BINGO since i was nine. Whenever kase mom and dad leave for office, they would drop me off to my lola's pwesto in the wet market. Some of the tambays would often gather for a round of the game. Nakikisali rin ako. Talk about being a BAKAL (batang kalye) wehehe...

  4. I like Monopoly but I lurve CLUEDO

  5. Yeah! @ Bry

    We had to memorize those names, numerical alter-egos, pseudonyms, whathaveyous.

    I think the guessing part was the better half of the game anyway.

    Oh @ Abssss

    Why am I not that surprised?

    He hee, cheers!

    Hello! @ Pearl

    Since you were nine, huh? We could probably enter the world series now, you and me. He hee, I reckon you have your own set of lucky cards?


    Oh yeah! @ Misterhubs

    I always thought it was Professor Plum in the Library with the Candlestick Holder.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  6. buhay pa pala ang maic the gathering ...



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