Friday, May 25, 2007

Bashing Homophobes

**Here's what I wrote as a response to this gay bashing faggot doing business in a gay thread. In a gay oriented website. On a very gay day, I take it.

You know what your problem is? You're much too concerned with what other people think.

I'm thinking that your life revolves around satisfying other people's perception of you. And that is just dull. And pointless. And totally defines a certain "lack of character" specific to gutless invertebrates like yourself. Are you telling me that you're prioritizing the satisfaction of other people as opposed to your own personal gratification. Ain't that dull?

You probably invented this term. And I wish you hell for whatever it's worth.

You're gay and you know it. How old are you anyway? Are you telling me that you're going to live under the comfort of your gay-bashing shell for the rest of your life? That sucks. You're probably going to be one of those gay guys who gets married not because they want to but because they have to. For show. And we're talking about the same gay guys who commit to their homosexuality in the long run, therefore leaving an unhappy wife and a family in disorder. We're talking about the same gay guys who feel like they've been missing out on all this cocksucking gay goodness since they were too busy bashing faggots in their youth. We're talking about you.

You hate gay people with the balls to admit to their sexuality, and yet, simultaneously, you're praying for total acceptance of the third sex here in our country? Don't you think you're wishing for too much? And why in gay hell would you want to have open-mindedness towards homosexuality? Isn't that the same luxury most gay guys are praying for with religious discipline?

Of course.

Your posts are aimless. You're jumping from one argument to another. No, scratch that, you're not jumping, you're "hopping" on account of you seem to be changing your mind in a heartbeat. You're a fickle-minded closet queen easily swayed by the next argument that everybody seems to be agreeing upon. But it makes perfect sense. You know why? Because you're much too concerned with what other people think.

You get a life, get yourself a cock to suck, and tell me you didn't enjoy it.


  1. mo nama sakin yung site...

  2. he hee @ Bry

    It's this little thread in G4M.

    I don't know if I saved the actual url referring to that page, but I sure advertised this here blahg of bull in whatever I post in them gay threads.


  3. aba, posting pa rin ha. mishoo

  4. oist idol!

    honga, I try, pero medio mahirap these days. too much on my plate.


    Miss you too!




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