Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beggar's Can't Be Choosers Part 3: Shit Kings of Turd Mountain

It was mentioned not so long ago that the Philippines bagged the Top Spot in this survey made to determine Asia's Most Corrupt Countries.

We made it to the top!

That means we can corrupt anything we set our minds to. Nothing can possibly get in the way of our campaign to violate public faith. We piss at procedure and shit on protocol. We out-corrupted nine other countries to revel in such infamy...

And don't act so surprised. You live here.


  1. What really surprised me was that people acted surprised. Haha! And in denial pa. Tsk tsk tsk

  2. is this the part where i pull my pom-poms out for a good cheer?

    hi momel na may jowa! :-)

  3. Shari

    What's happening? Those pacman fanatics are just totally bloated. Don't mind them. THey're probably so busy these days now that their idol's trying to get elected.

    That ought to be fun.


    Kumusta naman?! What's up with the pompoms ha?

    He hee, his name's Joel.

    Cheers all!

  4. Joel! Name palang love ko na.

    The pompoms is for Philippines, i think she needs a lot of cheering up!

    My best regard to Mr. Joel!

  5. Woow! You finally resurfaced! What's keeping you busy at talgang once a month lang ang update??

    And yeah, how are things goin for you and Joel?? Hope everything's ok.. as planned.

    Haay.. what can i say? Corruption?? Hell that's our expertise!!!??!!


    Missed you dear! Love u!

  6. ayoko na sa pinas. tapos tatakbo ba si richard gomez at manny pacquiao. juice ko.

  7. i miss the time when sikat tayo

    because tayo ang may kauna-unahang airline sa buong Asya.

    most admired economy tayo

    tayo pa lang ang may railroad system


  8. You visited .org? I've long ago moved to LOL :D

  9. Bry

    Yeah, Joel. Music is the name of the one you love. Ha haa, brace yourself for more cheese!

    hello Devilish

    We finally did it! I've moved na since February 23, kaya medio busy na rin trying to adjust to this life. I'm getting the hang of it na nga eh.


    Yep! @ absss

    Juice ko is the term.

    Hello @ Erik

    I miss a lot of things too. But we go on.


    I didn't know that! @ Shari

    Thanks. Now I do!

  10. waahhh!! mowhmehl, i miss you soooo sooo much! mwah! come here 'n giv big ol' momma a big hug! :-)

  11. Momel!!! Wow, I've missed u a lot! Been reading my archives section and kita ko comments mo... :)

    How have u been? Baket yata 1 month na wala ka pang update ha? Busy with work?

    Happy weekend! Mwuaah! :)



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