Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beggars Can't be Choosers Part 2: When Is Rockclimbing Downhill?

Suggested Titles:

1. Somebody Beat Them To It Half a Decade Ago
2. What Can Be More Sooo Long Ago Than Ice Climber?
3. When Is Rockclimbing Downhill?

Once upon a time, there was this brown crew of attention whores who braved Mt. Everest.

End of story.

Dull? I know.

Newsflash: First to climb to summit: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on May 29, 1953.

It's not like they went there first. See, I really don't get all this glamour with the first group of Filipino climbers to brave the peaks of Mt Everest. It's not as fun as the first time it was challenged half a century ago, and the unnecessary publicity goes to show just how inadequate we are.

We were so busy with their glory that we might have forgotten one minor detail: It took us fifty years to challenge Everest. That's fifty years too late, and that's saying a lot if it comes from somebody with severe punctuality issues like myself.

We might as well take pride in being the only country that refused to climb Everest. How about that? That would have meant something else, but certainly never the fact that it took us that many years to climb Everest. Not that anybody will care to notice, but think of that as us doing a whole plenty of misleading.

See, we could've been the only country that didn't give a fuck care.

I'm sure they think they're pretty impressive, but I don't give a fuck think they're pretty impressive care. I personally don't care. I seriously don't. See, there's not much of an achievement in something that everybody's been doing, not in front of the camera for the most part, for the last fifty years now.

But then again, these Filipino mountain climbers didn't mind getting famous. They're taking in the glory, or the popularity wherever they can get it.

I guess beggars can't be choosers.

And yeah, I know this one's waaay overdue. I mean, do any of you actually remember anyone from that supposedly "historical" breakthrough? Yeah, I figgered just as much.


  1. Hey! where have you been? you updated.. finally!


    how have you been? hope everythin's okay with u.

    Missed you dear! love yah1

  2. Hello hello Devilishhhh!!!

    Missed you so much!

    Hey, we're moving na! Finally, it's set to next weekend. It's what I've been taking care of these past few weeks, kaya pasensiya na if I haven't been updating much.

    Hey, I missed you! Luvyah!



  3. Momel!!!!!

    Eeeeeeee! talaga? wow naman!! pati ako naeexcite..

    sige lang..take your time..


    love u dearie! muwah!

  4. you see momel, its all about bad TV. or the reality in Philippine TV and the trash that it is.

    it's an ABS-CBN attempt to feed pinoys more trash on top of Aalog-alog & John & Shirley...

    a lot worse if you have TFC. the month before and probably a decade after the climb, every other show and ad they'd flash a clip or two on this everest hollowness

    anyway busy ka ata kumare...madalang ang post...musta na?

  5. I have to agree with Bryan. It's either that or Kris Aquino's frequent trips to the STD bloody.

    How are you Momel? Miss ya matey!!!

  6. Why did I write bloody??? I think faster than I could type. LOL! That could be a Freudian Slip. Hahaha! I meant STD clinic.

  7. ITS BEEN A LONG TIME MAN... how are you?

    The blog world is missing you...


  8. Hello all!


    We moved na! Yup, and it's been a week since we first moved in. I'm beginning to feel the stress, and I apologize for the infrequency.

    But I miss you, I miss you all consistently!



    I'm not touching local TV no more. At least not with a ten foot suppository that is.

    Yeah, I moved. I'm now living on my own, on our own, and I'm enjoying every bit of it regardless of the overwhelming pagod however expected.

    Miss you!


    What can be more British than bloody?

    I moved houses. I now live on my own. I'm sorry for not blogging as often as I used to.

    Insert sad face here.

    He hee, miss you though!


    Honga eh. It has been so long talaga.

    Glad to know I'm missed.

    But I miss you all just as much.


  9. I've actually had the same thoughts too. Blah. ^^ But I agree with Bryan. Bad TV. Seriously.

    Seems like you're having fun living on your own - with him. Yay!

  10. Hindi ka naman nyan masyadong galit super fren Momel? :p

    So I'll just wait for your blog re the First Pinays to climb the Everest, okay????



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