Saturday, January 27, 2007

Same Shirt. Three Persons. And what happens to a joke when you're introducing that with the punchline?

Now here's the kicker: I came across a THIRD person wearing the same shirt on the same day. See, isn't the same green bad enough when two people are wearing it at the same time. And just when you're trying real hard not to be seen in the same room as the other guy, you stumble upon a third person wearing the same shirt as the two of you already are.

Luckily, I was keeping a spare jacket in my locker. No, I don't think it was purely by luck. A cool cat like my person keeps provisions in case of fashion emergencies. And provisions, in this situation is a spare jacket in my locker. I was wearing it immediately after the panic has lost it's appeal.

But then again, is it even proper to call it a fashion emergency when we were simply three people who shared the same good taste in green shirts. I'm not campaigning for politically correct shit-shit or anything. I mean, how was I supposed to forecast something as terrible as the same shirt with two other people anyway? If anything, it was simply a case of bad timing.

I'm just glad it's just a shirt. It would have been a smellier mess if it was the same boyfriend on three persons.

On account of I don't keep a spare boyfriend. I'll need a bigger locker for that.


  1. This may sound superficial pero it gets worse when the person wearing the same shirt is butt-ugly, and mukhang promdi. Im bad.

  2. To be fair... @ Absss

    You two might be sharing the same taste in shirts.

    Ha haa, cheers!

  3. You don't have a spare bf but you own a green shirt?

    You've got it all mixed up kumare.

    Gid rid of the latter and pile-up on the former.

    Miss you te!



    Green is a diconcertingly dangerous color.

  4. You can't be that unlucky! Haha!

    Still, you survived the utter humiliation. ;)

  5. He hee @ Bry

    I think green is alright. Just give it a good pair of pants.


    Well @ Shari

    I was. But yeah, couldn't agree with you more. That, too, passed.


  6. no comment on your entry..just wanna drop y to let you know i'm still breathing...hehehe..miss ya mowhmehl!!

  7. Oh, yeah. I think green is alright. If you really can't help it, you can always come up with a silly excuse that you are on a pc-shit crusade to save the planet.

    I like to wear a pink shirt. I don't know why. It compliments my skin, I think. And I feel confident wearing it. But what sorry excuse would I make if suddenly I see two more dickheads wearin' it?

    Shameless basterds.



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