Friday, December 09, 2016

Would You Delete a Dead Friend From Your Friendster List?

**Cannibalized¹ and amended, all for your reading pleasure. Or displeasure. I've been writing about vaginas and breastfeeding recently, and I was supposed to follow suit with a helpful tip on where to get your offline porn. But it will be Halloween in a few days, so I gathered this will be better received.

The last time I saw him was in Teriyaki Boy in the Mega Strip. We were four tables away, and I was just so involved with my lunch that I elected to stay put and just greet him later. I was too hungry to be sociable, then, and I'd far rather attend to my rice than to get up and exchange pleasantries. I remember them calling the waiter, so they probably haven't ordered yet. I was thinking that I'll probably approach them later, after I've had lunch. But this heavy lunch was followed immediately by a couple of cigarettes, and since the air was so perfect outside, we decided to freshen out and smoke for another thirty minutes.

I never got to approach him. But then, I reckoned I'd just "make kuwento" the next time I saw him. Or maybe I'd just send him a quick message in Friendster and try to catch up on things. Not entirely personal, and not very warm; I am a jerk at the very least, but at least it goes to show that I'm trying to keep in touch.

That message never happened. I was just so busy with my offline life that signing in to any of my online activities became the least of my concerns. Turns out that I'll have no chance to say hello at all. It was a few weeks since I last saw him that I learned of his death in a car accident. He didn't die from the accident itself, but he died from the internal injuries brought about by this terrible collision.

I didn't say hello when I had the chance. And, like the irresponsible friend that I am, I never went to his funeral at all. Maybe because I didn't know what to make of this situation which I never thought possible. But for the most part, I dreaded the thought of seeing any of my friends in a coffin.Fast forward to almost five years today, and he's still in my Friendster list. And, like the recovering social networking junkie that I am, I'm still logging in to it from time to time. But I guess there's still no point in sending him that message. I don't think they have Friendster from where he is right now.

¹This is a repost from July of 2007.


  1. awwww ang sad sad!!!

    sabi nga db...wag mo ng ipagpaliban kung ano man ang dapat mong iparamdam sa isang kaibigan o mahal sa buhay kasi baka wala ng next......

    happy halloween Khiekhie!!

  2. Honga eh @ Pokwang

    Maliban na lamang kung may Facebook sa heaven, para mag post na lang ako sa wall niya next time. Ang nakakaloka eh mayroon tayong tinatawag na Filipino Time, palagi tayong mamaya na. Yun ang ni-observe ko, kaya heto, nganga ako.

    Happy Halloween sa yo Powkie! Saang lupalop ka man ng daigdig ngayong undas!

  3. Sad stuff written in a bitchy way haha. Why don't you try dropping a line, I'm sure your friend will appreciate it wherever he is... Who knows baka sumagot pa sya.

  4. It breaks my heart when I hear about young people passing away. And that's regardless if I know them or not. I remember there was a time when I was in college that one of my closest friends told me that her ex died in a car crash in the states and I couldn't stop thinking about him, her ex I mean.

    Now I never even met her ex, nor have I seen a photo of him. But the thought that death could come to anyone so abruptly, to someone close to someone close to me, is disturbing.

    So yeah, I probably would like it better if you posted more about vagina and breastfeeding.

  5. Puwede! @ Glentot

    May OUIJA boards na ata sa Toy Kingdom. At di na kailangang mag fill up ng form or mag submit ng email. Wala pang word verification.

    Tago mo lang muna yung book ha?

    I thought so, too @ Vajarl

    But I gathered it being the Halloween season and all, I might as well write about something that has death attached to it. Write, recycle, same banana. There was supposed to be a public service reminder in here, and I was supposed to tell you guys where you can get your porn offline. But I'm a horror nerd by heart and by my own volition that I published this sad, sad piece instead.

  6. I'd send it anyway. Would be cute. lol

    I would never delete a dead friend from any of my social networks. I have, however, on on occasion blocked an dead friend's email address from sending me anything. A year and a half after she died, my friend started emailing me links to what looked like blog posts. When I opened them, it redirected to this canadian pharmacy or whatevs. So there you go.



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