Thursday, May 14, 2009

What About Gifts?

Do you finish reading a book because somebody gave it to you as a gift? What if it was around five hundred pages thick? What if it's all words and ideas and deep stuff with no pictures on it? What if it had size 8 fonts, single space, with very lengthy paragraphs set at two to three a page? What if the chapters were spaced so far apart you think you'd get tired just by the mere thought of it? What if it was something that never interested you to begin with?

What if it was given to you by, say, a family member? Or
perhaps another beloved who only had your best interests during that wildly congested Annual Book Sale at the mall? Maybe a dear aunt that gave you the same pair of hot pink pants because she knew you were a fag, and you were into this kind of shit? What if the gift wrap was something straight out of Martha Stewart's workshop, all decked out like a window display because it's trying to send a message across?

It's a good thing my sister knows my reading material like the back of her hand. I wouldn't know, for the life of me, how to answer any of those questions.


  1. i believe in mind control. our high school history teacher was pretty adept in making us believe that the yanks saved us from los cerdos españoles. the same frailes españoles who gave local women biscuits that spawned a few bastardos mezclados.

  2. ay, samantalang ako confessions of a shopaholic ang binabasa ko, plano ko pa namang i-blog. nahiya tuloy ako. hahaha

    miss ya dear mellie.



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